Event Detail

Fluxx Grantseeker Software Demo (In-person or webinar)

3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida
The Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida
40 East Adams St.
Room 208
Jacksonville, FL 32202
The Jessie Ball duPont Fund is partnering with the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida to welcome the CEO, Madeline Duva, and VP of Strategic Development, Dan Schoenfeld, from Fluxx to present its Grantseeker platform to Northeast Florida nonprofits.

Fluxx Grantseeker is a free online grants management system that helps Grantees create and manage tasks, track all of their grant applications and keep their whole team on the same page.

Grantseeker provides tools to help Grantees effectively manage their grants and applications. Through Grantseeker, Grantees can apply for grants, track requirements, create and assign tasks among their team to stay on top of payments, reports and deadlines. Grantseeker puts nonprofits on par with the foundations that fund them in terms of technology and transparency, completing the virtuous circle of Grantees achieving their mission while providing valuable updates and insights to their funders.

Key Features:

Get a handle on your organization's future by tracking project deadlines, reporting milestones and payments.
Keep everyone on the same page and effectively allocate resources to better achieve success.
The timeline allows you to focus and act on what is important to your organization now.

Assign tasks to your team and collaborate efficiently throughout the grant cycle.
Keep projects on track by assigning tasks to team members throughout the grant cycle. Tasks help move work forward and with instant notifications when tasks have been completed, help move teams towards their goals.
Tasks can be specific to a request or grant and even be assigned for specific sections of a form providing a flexible solution that fits any organization's process.
Take control of your knowledge management by posting updates tagged with photos, videos, grants and metrics that report on your organization's progress, milestones and achievements. These can be used internally to help shape your approach and process to grants management.
When you have updates to share with your funders, you can easily tag the associated grants and share the update with Grantmaker.
This helps keep funders in the loop and aware of the impact your organization is making on the ground.

Where can grantees access Grantseeker?
Grantseeker is available online and can be accessed through an Internet connection. Grantees can add people from their organization and delegate tasks, share timelines, and provide additional insights all within Grantseeker, from wherever they are.

This event will also be offered as a webinar! More details will be provided the week of February 4.
Jacob Board, jboard@NonprofitCtr.org, 904-425-1183