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State of the Arts: Creative Jacksonville


University of North Florida Adam W. Herbert University Center
Cultural Council
300 Water St.
Jacksonville, FL 32207
State of the Arts is a day of having your creativity awakened! State of the Arts will offer a national, regional, and local update on arts and cultural trends as well as provide insights about the role of creativity for transformational change in all areas of life. This event is for artists, arts and business leaders, educators, and anyone wanting new skills to creatively frame challenges for solutions.

In addition to an insightful talk by Superintendent of Duval County Schools, Dr. Diana Greene about creativity and public education, sessions at this day long convening include:

Transformation through Creative Problem-Solving, Latise Hairston, Ph.D.
Discover the fundamental principles of Creative Problem Solving (CPS) by focusing on capitalizing opportunities and finding innovative solutions to challenges. Be inspired and encouraged to shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset through the use of storytelling, live polls, and improv activities, all centered around teaching processes for fostering creative thinking and being.

You will learn from first-person accounts of the impact of engaging in and living a creative life. These compelling stories set the stage for your call to action – to examine how you will utilize the tools learned to impact your life, family, team, organization, and community.
What Participants Can Expect:
Define creativity, creative thinking, and creative problem-solving.
Identify attitudes, behaviors, and environments that inhibit and foster creativity.
Learn tools and behaviors to be deliberately creative to meet challenges better and solve problems.
Develop an action plan to apply the learning.

Contemporary Conversations and Creativity
Contemporary Art amuses you, aggravates you, baffles you, scares you, antagonizes you, and may even seem totally inappropriate however, it always engages your emotions and challenges your intellect. It is a kind of creativity that will not provide rigid answers but will provoke intriguing questions. Caitlín Doherty, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Jacksonville will lead a discussion about contemporary art and how can it be used to inspire creative conversations.

Creativity for Strengthening Ideas, Katie Tagye
Creativity is more than the spark of an idea or that “aha!” moment. It is a process that we each take, consciously or subconsciously, as we work to discover and employ new and useful solutions. It is how we are guided by our curiosity it is in the ideas we explore it is where we realize growth is possible and it is in the steps we take to make it happen.
In this interactive session, you will take an introductory look at the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process, but don’t plan on sitting quietly for long. Together we will learn and practice a CPS tool which can aid in the development of your thoughts, ideas, and plans into more robust actions for implementation. Join us in applying deliberate practice to increase creative thinking.

What Participants Can Expect:
An introduction to the four-step Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process.
Learn a tool which can be used within the CPS process and/or as a stand-alone tool for developing a raw idea into a workable solution.
Practice the CPS tool on an imaginary idea with their fellow participants.
Apply the CPS tool to a real-life idea or plan of their own.

The Power of Story, Al Letson
What Participants Can Expect:
What is the story? How you can connect the dots of important stories and issues to identify solutions.
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