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Project Management and the Art of Delegation

9 - 11:30 a.m.

Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida
The Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida
Jessie Ball duPont Center, 40 East Adams Street
Room 208 - Lecture Hall
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Delegation and trusting another person with accomplishing a specific task can be one of the most important yet challenging management skills. This session will discuss how to become a stronger at project management, while communicating and delegating effectively. Course agenda will cover an extensive overview of effective project management, and then dive deep into communication and delegating as an essential part of project success.

Successful completion of this course will increase your ability to:
• Carry out the four stages of a project.
• Understand what makes a project succeed.
• Initiate and define a project.
• Plan steps to move a project forward through communication and delegating.
• Keep a project on track.
• Bring a project to a close and evaluate its success.

Join Laura Steigelman, of Steigelman & Associates and Florida Training Solutions, who will be presenting this topic for us!

**This workshop is part of the Managing Successful Teams Series.
Callan Brown, CBrown@NonprofitCtr.org, 904-425-1831
$40 for members and $80 for non-members