Event Detail

Clay County Series: Board to Board Panel

4:30 - 6:00 p.m.

The Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida
Clay County, FL
This event is specifically designed for board members and CEOs, or anyone with a role to play in maintaining strong nonprofit board governance. A panel of local Board members offer candid, front-line experiences from their Board service and share lessons learned. These board to board panels address questions around board culture, the Board Chair and CEO relationship, leadership transitions, sustainability, and more.

Goals include:
• Networking and relationship-building among board members in Clay County.
• Highlight the crucial role of nonprofit board of directors in helping organizations thrive.
• Identify the questions that board members should be empowered to ask and the actions they should be empowered to take to ensure their organization’s mission is fulfilled.

A board-to-board panel builds respect for board service and sets a higher bar for all board members and CEOs. Participants in these conversations have “ah-ha” moments that validate the work they are doing and motivate them for tackling challenges. After attending a board-to-board event, everyone should leave with a take-away about the collective nature of leadership for a nonprofit organization and ideas for how to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

About the Clay County Series:
This series supports all organizations located in or serving Clay County. This professional development series (19.5 total hours of programming) focuses on strengthening leadership teams, which begins with the CEO and the Board, but also seeks to deepen the leadership structure by increasing opportunities for peer-learning and networking between managers and key volunteers. Events are free but do require a reservation. 

Thank you to the Paul E. and Klare N. Reinhold Foundation for their support and grant funding of the Clay County Series!
Callan Brown, cbrown@NonprofitCtr.org, 904-425-1185
Free (Open to anyone working/volunteering at a Clay County Nonprofit)