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Posted Dec 09, 2020 Jacksonville, Florida


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Improving the lives of women through advocacy, support and education (and providing rape recovery services for individuals of all genders in Duval, Baker and Nassau Counties)


Board Member

Member roles and responsibilities

- The Board is responsible for determining the Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles of the WCJ. - The Board will ensure that the Board, staff, volunteers, and others directly or indirectly connected with the WCJ understand its Mission, are actively engaged in achieving the Mission and are conducting themselves according to the Guiding Principles. - The Board serves as the fiduciary body of the organization and is responsible for ensuring financial security for the WCJ, through resource development and financial oversight. - The Board oversees the Executive Director's hiring and evaluation - The Board evaluates, maintains, and improves the effective performance of the Board of Directors

Specific skill-set being sought

- Marketing/Communications - Facilities/Construction - Technology - Human Resources - Public Safety/Law Enforcement


- 21 years of age or older - Willingness to give time and talent to the WCJ by actively supporting the organization's Mission in the community - Willingness to actively participate in meetings, events, and activities of the WCJ - Willingness to give a minimum of $1,000 annually - Willingness to get a minimum of $2,500 annually, cash or in-kind

Organization participated in Nonprofit Center board development trainings

This organization carries directors and officers insurance

This position has a fundraising commitment

Fundraising commitment amount

$1,000 annually

Expected time requirement (e.g. per month, quarter, or year)

- The Board of Directors meets on the third Thursday of every other month, for 1.5 hours and there is a full-day retreat, typically in July or August - Board members must serve on at least 1 committee. Committees typically meet monthly for 1 hour - Additional support may be needed throughout the month to carry forward the work of the committees - time varies

Length of term

3 year term, may serve up to 3 consecutive terms

Please describe selection process or next steps in following up with candidates

Interested candidates should send an email, along with contact information to: Interested candidate will be contacted by a member of the Governance Committee to further discuss interest If continued interest, the candidate will complete a Board Application & information will be forwarded to the Governance Committee for consideration If the candidate meets the qualifications and current needs of the organization, the candidate will be invited for a tour and interview with Governance Chair and Executive Director If continued interest, the candidate's application will then be sent to the full Board for vote.


Women's Center of Jacksonville


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