Dig Local Network (DLN) – Board President

Posted Mar 10, 2023 Atlantic Beach, Florida

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Application Due May 15, 2023


Position Overview
The Board President oversees all DLN operations, develops and executes strategic plans, and manages a motivated and inspired team of staff, contractors, and volunteers. The DLN board president is responsible for managing all aspects of the organization and reports to the Board of Directors.
Please send an email to info@diglocal.org detailing interest and please attach Resume.

Essential Duties:
– Strategy, Operations, Leadership
• Collaborate with DLN Board, staff, and constituencies to develop strategic plan
• In partnership with Board and staff, set and align all stakeholders (Board, staff, and funders) on the organization’s strategic goals and translate them into specific operational plans, objectives, and budget
• Oversee planning, implementation, and analysis of DLN programming, ensuring high-quality program delivery, evaluation, and reporting
• Integrate equity and inclusion into all of DLN’s work, supporting a collaborative organizational culture centered around effectiveness and equity
• Work in partnership with the Board of Directors, providing them with the necessary support, counsel, and information required for effective governance
• Oversee state legislative campaign work and advocacy as is strategic and appropriate
• Provide effective thought leadership in local, state, and national arenas, through both written word and public speaking
– Staff Management & Organizational Culture
• Hire, supervise, and support a Beaches Green Market – Market Manager in their work and professional development
• Manage a geographically dispersed staff, appropriately shifting between staff autonomy and board oversight
• Create and promote a positive work culture that celebrates diversity, strives for equity, and practices creating spaces of belonging for people of all races and backgrounds.
• Ensure and grow efforts to attract, listen to, and incorporate diverse voices across organizational efforts
– Financial Performance & Viability
• In collaboration with the DLN Board Treasurer, implement and manage the budget and ensure the financial health and sustainability of the organization
• Provide timely, accurate, and complete reports on the state of the organization
• Ensure strong internal controls, fiscal responsibility, accountability, transparency, and efficient, accurate, and consistent financial practices
– Board Governance
• Primary liaison between the Board of Directors and staff
• Develop, maintain, and support a strong Board of Directors, including board committees (as needed)
• Attends monthly one-on-one meetings with the Board Members
• Attends all Board meetings.

•Experience or knowledge in at least one of the following areas: agriculture/gardening, teaching, community relations, fundraising, nonprofit management, finance, law, public relations, volunteer recruitment, or other area in which the person would make a valuable contribution to DLN.
•Energetic and highly respected individuals, preferably well known within the community. Knowledgeable about the local food movement, farming, gardening, and our mission work, an appreciation of the local food economy and impact on the community, and a commitment to the goal and activities of DLN.
•Education or related work experience in farmers market, public health, or nonprofit settings
•Supervisory experience with communications and media relations

Skills, Knowledges and Proficiencies:
Active listening skill.
Good organizational and leadership skills.
Good problem-solving skills.
Good people skills.
Good fundraising skills.
Good financial management skills.
Good marketing and public relations skills.
Good writing skills.
Good computer skills


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