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Posted Nov 17, 2020 Jacksonville, Florida


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The Diversion Case Manager will provide social services to assist in the rehabilitation of juvenile law offenders in a diversion program. This position reports to the Director of Diversion.

Essential duties and responsibilities

•Provide culturally effective capabilities demonstrating a sensitivity and responsiveness to varying cultural characteristics and beliefs with an understanding of trauma and the impact of poverty. •Provide care management to access and coordinate multi-agency services for children and families needing multi-pronged social service supports and system navigation •Responsibilities of this position include; -Relationship-building with children and families in need of supports and services. -Knowledge of and relationships with community service providers. -Facilitate the completion of any assessments and evaluations and refer the youth and family for services if results indicate the need. •Act as liaison between family, child, and service providers and professionals to advocate for the needs of the child. •Conduct timely case reviews and document all care coordination activities. •Maintain a working knowledge of the community social service, education, mental health and legal system as it relates to services and supports required by children and families. • Formulate case management strategies with assigned staff based on assessments and/or information that will address the youth’s specific needs. •Participate in case staffing with assigned staff and mental health practitioners, school personnel, public health specialists, law enforcement, adult corrections, child welfare and others to identify appropriate services and a youth specific supervision plan. •Meet and maintain communication with schools, teachers, law enforcement, care providers, and other agencies and organizations for the purpose of information sharing and collaboration to address community concerns and promote safe and nurturing communities. •Review written or verbal reports from collateral sources, such as educational institutions, employers, counselors, electronic databases, etc.


•Essential leadership, advocacy, communication, education and counseling, and resource research skills. •Core philosophy or values consistent with a family-centered approach to care. •Demonstrate problem solving skills, decision making skills, sound judgment, time management skills, effective public speaking, attention to details. •Ability to interpret, adapt and apply guidelines and procedures. •Ability to work independently and utilize initiative, ability to be organized and meet deadlines. •Possess excellent oral and written communication skills appropriate for children, parents and professionals. •Work to continue personal competency through in-service and staff development training. •Ability to maintain client confidentiality according to established policies, federal and state statutes as evidenced by obtaining needed releases of information and maintaining updated releases of information.

Education and Experience

•Minimum of baccalaureate degree preparation as a social worker, or the equivalent with appropriate past experience in health and human services. •Must have at least two years relevant experience in community-based practices, serving youth and families, particularly in the care and service of vulnerable or at-risk populations. This work is providing social services to assist in the rehabilitation of juvenile law offenders in a diversion program.


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