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Posted Feb 07, 2020 Jacksonville, Florida


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The Volunteer Coordinator (VC) is responsible for creating a positive, energetic, and welcoming experience for the volunteers by providing an excellent volunteer experience and education about the organization. The primary responsibilities are directly supervising volunteers in their day to day tasks, providing any support needed to the volunteers and engaging with the volunteers to provide a positive and safe work environment. The VC is responsible for managing volunteer resources and assisting in the delivery of the organization’s programs and services. The secondary responsibility is to provide support as needed to operational staff in order to aid in the overall success of FNEFL.

Essential duties and responsibilities

Volunteer Engagement & Communication - Must be confident in public speaking, have good written, verbal, and situational communication. - Must be able to critically think through problems and handle complex situations - Must reflect the overall values of the organization - Assist in the development, administration, and review of policies and procedures of the volunteer program - Participate in assessing the needs of the volunteers and the volunteer program - Assist in the development and administration of forms and records to document volunteer activities - Determine the risks associated with each volunteer sorting or packing position and take appropriate action to control the risks associated with the program or service - Conduct ongoing evaluation of the volunteer program - Implement improvements as necessary to the volunteer program and it’s processes - Responsible for developing a positive relationship with the volunteers that promotes repeat volunteerism as well as increased advocacy - Must be able to interact with diverse groups and individuals in the warehouse - Must be friendly, outgoing, and helpful to volunteers, volunteer coordinators, and FNEFL staff - Educate all volunteers about the organization’s mission, goals, community needs, and services - Inform volunteers about FNEFL current and upcoming volunteer opportunities - Ensure that volunteer check-in procedures are followed and records of volunteer hours are maintained according to established procedures - Directly supervise volunteers during their volunteer tasks (sorting or packing) with the appropriate level of supervision and support needed - Ensure that volunteers work in a safe, healthy, and supportive environment in accordance with all appropriate process and procedures Operations/Production - Prepare volunteer areas at the end of each day by assisting with cleaning and setting up each area. - Responsible for inspecting all sorted product for quality deeming it safe to consume before distribution. - Responsible for working in the production and sorting area, ensuring SOP’s are followed. - Participate on the Safety Committee & Product Recall Team. - Responsible for inventory accuracy, planning, and coordination of packing food and non- food items for FNEFL programs made in the Volunteer Center.


Volunteer Coordinator should demonstrate competence in all of the following: - Communicate effectively: Must be comfortable speaking publicly. The ability to communicate in a timely and efficient manner while engaging in tasks such as facilitating new volunteer orientation and reviewing safety regulations, is critical. - Behave ethically: Understand ethical behavior and business practices, and ensure that own behavior and the behavior of others is consistent with these standards and aligns with the values of the organization. - Focus on innovation: Assist in developing new and unique ways to improve operations of the organization through creation of new volunteer opportunities. - Foster teamwork: Work cooperatively and effectively with others to set goals, resolve problem, and make decisions that enhance organizational effectiveness. - Lead by example: Positively influence others to achieve results that are in the best interest of the organization. Committed to leading by example through working “hands on” with volunteers on projects and day to day activities. Set priorities, develop a work schedule, monitor progress towards goals, and track details, data, and activities. - Solve problems: Assess problem situations to identify causes, gather and process relevant information, generate possible solutions, and make recommendations and/or resolve the problem. - Encourage a positive work environment: Must possess a cheerful and positive personal demeanor with an overall sense of gratitude given to all volunteers. Job Specifications (Work Environment): - The Volunteer Coordinator will be required to work some evenings and monthly weekend shifts will be mandatory. - Must be able to walk, stand, twist, bend, and lift up to 30 pounds for long periods of time. - Willingness/ability to use warehouse equipment such as a manual pallet jack, electric pallet jack, and floor scale (detailed trailing provided on all equipment).

Education and Experience

- College degree preferred, high-school degree or equivalent required - At least 5-years related experience warehouse, retail, or customer service experience. - Experience working with community based, nonprofit organizations.

Salary/Salary Range

$13.50 - $16.00/ hour


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