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Posted Jan 23, 2024 Jacksonville, Florida

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2nd Mile is a Christian community development non-profit focused on the Brentwood area just north of downtown Jacksonville. This role will lead the implementation and growth of an already established senior citizen social isolation prevention program called As We Gather. In addition, this person will also serve in an assisting role working in youth development. The opportunity here is to truly impact lives in a meaningful and long-term way as part of a strong team.

Essential duties and responsibilities

Program Focus 1. Collaborate with 2nd Mile staff in order to establish a seamless path towards wholistic community leadership development for both seniors and neighborhood residents. 2. Lead As We Gather within the parameters of 2nd Mile’s mission, vision, and values. Assist in youth programs in particular in work with middle and high school aged students. 3. Recruit, lead, and empower program staff, interns, and volunteers in program specific areas. 4. Assist in the procurement of finances and resources needed to successfully lead the program and for the future sustainability of the program. Manage the program budget, grants, and expenses. 5. Foster collaborative community partnerships conducive to mission fulfillment by maintaining existing relationships and building new relationships both in the neighborhood and the field broadly. 6. Recruit families, seniors, and individuals, building strong relationships and bringing people together. 7. Seek to grow professionally and personally in the skills needed to fulfill these tasks. 8. Speak into and participate in the overall mission and vision of the organization.


Skills: Above average people skills; Licensed to drive; Intermediate computer skills or higher; Willingness to learn; Cultural competency; Willingness to live in the Brentwood community; Extraordinary reliability and follow through; Ability to gather, work well with, and motivate people towards desired outcomes.

Education and Experience

No specific educational requirements. Lived experience and work experience with under-resourced communities is a plus. Experience working with seniors, youth, community development, or non-profit program design are helpful but not required. Alignment with the overall mission and vision of 2nd Mile and willingness to learn can overcome a perceived lack of relevant education or experience.

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Email resume to marc@2ndmilejax.com


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