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, Posted Dec 16, 2022 Jacksonville, Florida

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Expires Jan 31, 2023


Summary of Responsibilities: A technology consultant supports the mission of 2nd Mile Ministries by advising on technology procurement, troubleshooting devices for program participants, communications, and operating the virtual components of programs along with planning and program design.

Essential duties and responsibilities

Technology and Program Support: Research technology and device options for the design of programs with senior citizens as well as youth programs. Work with 2nd Mile staff in procuring and setting up devices for the operation of programs. Troubleshoot devices that are not working properly. Provide technical support and training as necessary in a patient and polite manner to program participants both in initial set-up of devices and on an ongoing basis. Oversee live program meetings (including teaching lessons), for both adult and youth programming, via Zoom through chat, screen sharing, and managing participants. Reset, troubleshoot, and update devices as necessary. Help with organizational communications. General Responsibilities: Maintain a courteous and professional manner with program participants while conducting trainings and administering surveys. Be proactive about finding ways to help and improve participant experiences. Communicate with co-workers, supervisors, and participants in a timely manner. Be punctual and prepared for all responsibilities. Keep accurate records for time sheets or any other required administrative elements.


Necessary Skills: Soft Skills: Patience, dependability, time management, critical thinking, and strong verbal communication. Hard Skills: Troubleshooting hardware, software, and network configuration; Familiarity and Troubleshoots with Windows 10+ and Office 365; Windows installation, CompTIA A+ (preferred) Personal transportation required to perform job duties. Mileage reimbursement is available for all program related mileage.

Salary/Salary Range

$22/hour, 16 hours per week, Contract position through September 22nd, 2023


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