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Posted Jul 22, 2022 Jacksonville, Florida

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Records Specialist

Advancing Real Change (ARC), Inc. is seeking two Records Specialists for its offices in Baltimore, MD and Jacksonville, FL.

The Records Specialist will lead efforts to obtain and analyze the documentary evidence needed to develop a nuanced understanding of our clients’ life histories. The Specialist will work on behalf of indigent clients who are at risk of receiving extreme sentences and may be involved with cases at the federal or state level and at any stage in proceedings. The majority of work will be on either capital cases or cases in which a client is at risk of life without the possibility parole for an incident that occurred during their childhood. Regardless of the case characteristics, the Records Specialist will play a critical role in working with the records required as part of a high-quality mitigation investigation.

Who we are (and are not)
ARC, Inc. is a growing nonprofit organization dedicated to doing big things. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that our clients receive the quality defense to which they are entitled. We believe strongly in human dignity and its potential as a force for change in the criminal legal system. We seek to provide our staff members with the compensation, support, and flexibility that will enable them to sustain this effort over time. As teammates, we respect each other’s diverse contributions to the work.

ARC, Inc. is neither a private firm nor a government agency. If you are looking for a 9-to-5 job, if you take a checklist-style approach to mitigation, or if you are anything less than 100% committed to the inherent dignity of our clients and the work involved in carrying that message forward, we are not a fit for you.

What we offer
The salary for this position will be between $40,000 and $45,000. Benefits include an annual contribution of $4,000 toward health and dental coverage (can be applied to our group plan premium or received as a taxed stipend), employer contributions to a SIMPLE IRA retirement plan, and dedicated parking or a $50/month stipend to defray commuting costs. ARC, Inc. will also cover expenses related to professional development opportunities. Our leave policy includes no annual limit on, or pay deductions for, time off. It is our hope that staff members use this time to balance periods that require extensive and sustained work.

Most importantly, we offer the opportunity to work in an environment that acknowledges that your ultimate responsibility is to our clients and that we will provide every support to help meet that commitment. By accepting a position with us, you are committed to creating systemic change and accept the challenges that come with that goal.

Essential duties and responsibilities

Position Details The Records Specialist is a full-time position based in ARC, Inc.’s office in Baltimore, MD or Jacksonville, FL. This position reports directly to the Director of Mitigation Casework and will receive additional support from a Life History Investigator. The responsibilities of the position include: Documentary Analysis: Ensures that information from documentary evidence in the client’s life are fully integrated into the case. • Proactively obtaining records relevant to the client’s life history in keeping with best practice standards, which is in-person unless otherwise instructed • Ensuring that all documentary evidence, including records, memos, and other documents, is meaningfully processed into master documents • With team guidance, prioritizing record collection and analysis activities to ensure case progress • Regularly evaluating received records for additional record collection, immediately actionable information, and prioritization • Constructing summaries, digests, chronologies, and other case-related documents to support the work of the team Fostering Collaboration Utilizes case file organization and team participation to facilitate productive team functioning. • Organizing and administering the case file so that files and information are easily located by all team members • Conveying information from the case file to members of the defense team in the context of team meetings, written communications, and responses to team member requests • Consulting with attorneys to develop theories of the case utilizing information from the case file Organizational Engagement Participates as a full member of the ARC team by bringing unique contributions to bear on the organization’s efforts. • Fully and enthusiastically participating in team meetings • Reporting on case progress and outcomes for use in planning, fundraising, and external communications • Playing a supportive role in events, initiatives, and other tasks as requested by management This position may also be preparation for a later role as a Life History Investigator. As such, a Records Specialist may receive training regarding and exposure to tasks such as: • Developing and maintaining strong client relationships, • Identifying, locating, and interviewing witnesses who are knowledgeable about the client at every phase of their life, and developing ongoing relationships as needed • Assisting in identifying and working with experts, and • Managing case budget, timeframe, and other resources.


The ideal candidate for this position will bring: • Consistent attention to detail across a high volume of documents and records • Commitment to upholding and promoting mitigation best practices, as outlined in the ABA Guidelines for Mitigation Function of Defense Team in Capital Cases and in the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth Guidelines for the Representation of Child Clients • Mindfulness of what is needed to work across cultural differences of all kinds • Resilience in the face of difficult work • Creativity in responding to challenges and developing strategies • Eagerness to work as part of a team of mission-driven individuals from diverse backgrounds Those meeting the minimum requirements should submit a cover letter, resume, contact information for three references, and a brief (3 – 5 page) writing sample to Director of Operations Erin Fiaschetti at Please indicate your interest in being considered for the Baltimore office, Florida office, or both locations. Successful applications will convey the applicant’s fit with the position as described and motivation in pursuing mitigation as a career.

Education and Experience

4-year degree, clear written and oral expression, driver’s license (or ability to obtain one), and familiarity with issues in mental health, mental disability, trauma, racial justice, poverty, and other relevant topics. Additional qualifications that are preferred but not required include: A relevant post-graduate degree, a second language (preferably Spanish), and proficiency with case management programs and software. This position is required to qualify for a private investigator’s license; if you meet other qualifications but are unsure of your eligibility for a license, you are encouraged to contact our team for further discussion.

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