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Posted Jun 14, 2024 Jacksonville, Florida

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Advancing Real Change (ARC), Inc. is seeking one full-time Training and Technology Specialist. This is an in-office (not remote) position which can work out of the organization’s offices in Baltimore, MD, or Jacksonville, FL.

Advancing Real Change, Inc., is a leading provider of training, education, and support to a growing community of defense team members across the country. We do this through in-person and virtual training events, providing online resources, and case consultation. We offer an average of two monthly virtual training events and two annual in-person events; a large in-person conference and a smaller skill-building workshop. Approximately 2,000 criminal defense practitioners and social justice advocates participate in our program, with demand increasing.

The Training and Technology Specialist will assist with regular training operations and in efforts to maintain and advance our technical infrastructure. Under the direction of the Director of Training and Education, the Specialist will support training participants across the country, coordinating programming for our resource library, virtual trainings, and in-person trainings; engage in outreach efforts; and offer internal technical support as needed. Position requirements and responsibilities are available at the end of this posting.

Who we are (and are not)
ARC, Inc. seeks to create a more just world by advancing empathy, dignity, and equity within and beyond the criminal legal system. We advance this mission by providing direct services as mitigation specialists on criminal defense teams and through our innovative training and education program. We believe strongly in human dignity and its potential as a force for change in the criminal legal system. We seek to provide our staff members with the compensation, support, and flexibility that will enable them to sustain this effort over time. As teammates, we respect each other’s diverse contributions to the work.

ARC, Inc. is neither a private firm nor a government agency. If you are looking for a 9-to-5 job, or if you are anything less than 100% committed to the inherent dignity of our clients and the work involved in carrying that message forward, we are not a fit for you.

Essential duties and responsibilities

What you will offer - mindfulness of what is needed to work across cultural differences of all kinds, - resilience in the face of difficult work, - creativity in responding to challenges and developing strategies, - eagerness to work as part of a team of mission-driven individuals from diverse backgrounds, - technical savvy, with the ability to troubleshoot issues that may occur, - proficiency in Microsoft Office; Google Workspace and Drive; WordPress; movie editing software such as Final CutPro, iMovie, or similar; and Adobe software Position Details The Training and Technology Specialist is a full-time, in-person position based in ARC, Inc.’s offices in Baltimore, MD, or Jacksonville, FL. This position reports directly to the Director of Training and Education. The responsibilities of the position include: As a member of the ARC, Inc. team: - participating in team meetings and internal trainings, - knowing and adhering to all organizational policies and procedures, - playing an active supportive role in special events and fundraising efforts, - assisting with administrative functions of the office as requested by management, and - performing other duties as dictated by the needs of the organization. As a Specialist: - manages event registration and attendance, including preparing and sending continuing education documentation to state professional organizations, - prepares surveys for and collects post-event feedback, - offers technical and logistical support to presenters and attendees during training sessions, - maintains and updates the organization’s learning platform by managing users; uploading and editing content, including video; adding announcements; and ensuring smooth linkage between the platform and other systems, - utilizes contact and mailing lists to support audience expansion, - coordinates upcoming training activities, such as coordinating planning meetings, scheduling training sessions, booking travel for in-person trainings, and assisting with venue logistics, - follows up on requests and questions from training attendees, and - advises on organizational technology and provides limited technical support. The Specialist may also engage directly with certain tasks that fall under the Director of Training and Education’s purview: - identification of potential speakers and topics, - development of training protocols and materials, including creating Power Point presentations, - outreach to defense and social justice communities/networks, - collection of external sources of training data, guides and manuals to share with Resource Library users and training attendees, and - discernment of programming needs based upon feedback from defense community. This position will require occasional travel for in-person events.


Those wishing to apply for this position should first ensure that they meet the following minimum requirements: 2 or more years’ professional experience in a technical, administrative or training support position, clear written and oral expression, and demonstrated interest in issues such as mental health, mental disability, trauma, racial justice, poverty, and other relevant topics.

Education and Experience

• Additional qualifications that are preferred but not required include experience in nonprofit work, a 4-year degree, relevant post-graduate degree, and a second language (preferably Spanish).

Salary/Salary Range

What we offer The salary for this position will be between $45,000 and $52,000. Benefits include an annual contribution of $4,000 toward health and dental coverage (can be applied to our group plan premium or received as a taxed stipend), employer contributions to a SIMPLE IRA retirement plan, and dedicated parking or a $50/month stipend to defray commuting costs. ARC, Inc. will also cover expenses related to professional development opportunities. Our leave policy includes no annual limit on, or pay deductions for, time off. It is our hope that staff members use this time to balance periods that require extensive and sustained work. Most importantly, we offer the opportunity to work in an environment that acknowledges that your ultimate responsibility is to our clients and that we will provide every support to help meet that commitment. By accepting a position with us, you are committed to creating systemic change and accept the challenges that come with that goal.

How to Apply

Those meeting the minimum requirements should apply by submitting a cover letter, resume and contact information for three references on our website at, Please indicate your interest in being considered for the Baltimore office, Jacksonville office, or both locations. Successful applications will convey the applicant’s fit with the position as described and interest in supporting ARC, Inc.’s mission. ARC, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, which welcomes qualified applicants of all races, ethnicities, genders, gender identities, disability status, and sexual orientations, as well as those who have been system-involved.


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