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Posted Jun 26, 2024 Jacksonville, Florida

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Why You Will Love This Role
The Director of Charter Programs will lead the integration and implementation of arts-based educational initiatives within charter schools across Northeast Florida. This role involves strategic oversight of curriculum development, program execution, and team management to ensure that arts education significantly enhances academic and personal growth among students. This position requires a strategic leader who can foster and maintain key community partnerships and ensure that our arts education initiatives meet enrollment goals and achieve impactful outcomes. This position offers a chance to drive impactful change and ensure the highest quality of arts programming, reflecting CAP’s commitment to creativity, excellence, and equity.

In 2017, CAP embarked on a visionary journey, as its board, staff and key stakeholders around the country convened to forge a bold new path forward introducing a groundbreaking fellowship model that broadens CAP’s reach and strengthens the arts sector. This role is critical in driving that initiative forward, offering strategic oversight and data-driven improvements to our programs. You will specifically oversee the Charter Programs, collaborating closely with the Director of Homeschool and Military Programs and the broader program team.

The position has an anticipated start date of no later than July 1, 2024.

Essential duties and responsibilities

Your Impact • Lead with Innovation and Insight: Develop and maintain strong partnerships with charter schools to deeply understand their educational frameworks and challenges. Implement arts integration programs that effectively align with academic goals, using data, state benchmarks for academics and feedback to continuously refine and enhance our services. Embrace CAP’s core value to sing out loud by empowering diverse voices and adapting our offerings to meet the specific cultural and educational needs of these communities. • Foster Collaboration and Excellence: Oversee a team of teaching artist fellows and part-time educators, coordinating closely with charter school administrators to deliver high-quality, impactful arts education. Your leadership will guide our programs to not only meet but exceed educational standards, setting a new benchmark for excellence in arts education and exemplifying CAP’s core value to color outside the lines, ensuring your work not only educates, but also inspires and transforms lives. • Champion Inclusivity and Community Engagement: Actively work to ensure that arts education is accessible to all students within the charter school settings, fostering an inclusive environment where every student feels valued and empowered. By expanding CAP’s presence in these communities and ensuring our programs are welcoming to all, you will drive CAP’s core value to inspire every child’s creative spirit, you will ensure every endeavor not only meets but exceeds expectations, setting a new benchmark for excellence in arts education. • Cultivate Creativity and Joy: Foster an environment where joy and creativity flourish. You will encourage teaching artists and colleagues alike to keep their creative energies alive and vibrant. By prioritizing joy, curiosity and continuous growth, you will contribute to a nurturing educational atmosphere where innovative ideas are welcomed and personal development is celebrated, truly embodying CAP’s core value to maintain your creative spark.


What You Will Bring • Expertise in Data Tracking & Reporting: - Development and Management: Develop and manage targeted evaluation tools to measure the effectiveness and reach of programs within charter schools. - Database and Platform Management: Manage student databases and communication platforms specific to charter programs, ensuring smooth operation and ease of access. Provide essential training to staff, teaching artists, and students’ families to ensure effective use of these tools. - Data Security and Organization: Maintain secure and well-organized records of student data and program impacts within the charter school sector, ensuring integrity and confidentiality. - Grant Compliance and Reporting: Oversee data collection and analysis for grants specifically targeted at charter school initiatives, ensuring compliance and effective reporting. Deliver timely and accurate reports to support program, development, and advocacy teams. - Analytical Decision-Making: Utilize analytical insights to enhance the educational impact and community engagement of charter school programs. Offer guidance and foster consensus around evaluation-related decisions. - Learning Management System Utilization: Adapt and effectively use learning management systems to meet the needs of charter programs, optimizing educational content delivery and tracking. - Stakeholder Collaboration: Collaborate with charter school leaders and educational partners to align CAP’s educational offerings with school curriculum and goals. - Program Reporting: Generate detailed reports on the effectiveness of charter programs, providing actionable insights to CAP’s leadership and external stakeholders. • Program Evaluation and Oversight: - Comprehensive Evaluation and Quality Monitoring: Lead the execution of student and program assessments to gauge effectiveness and ensure the highest standards of arts education within charter schools. - Survey Coordination and Analysis: Conduct and analyze feedback from students, families, teaching artists, and school administrators to continually refine and improve charter school programs. - Data Management and Compliance: Ensure compliance with all regulatory and privacy standards in managing data related to charter school programs. - Resource and Staff Management: Manage resources and oversee the professional development of staff involved in charter programs, ensuring high-quality delivery and adherence to CAP’s standards. - HR and Policy Updates: Stay updated with HR policies affecting charter program staff, ensuring all practices are up to date and compliant. - Showcase and Event Coordination: Assist in the planning, development, and execution of the Visual and Performing Arts Showcases, actively participating in staffing program events and managing the logistics of these activities to ensure smooth operation and high-quality experiences for participants. • Support for Direct Service Programs: - Programmatic Support: Provide comprehensive support for direct service programs within charter schools, ensuring their success and sustainability. - Material Management: Efficiently manage educational materials and resources specific to charter programs, ensuring they are effectively utilized and replenished. • Additional Responsibilities: - Active Participation: Engage in all necessary meetings and committees, providing updates and insights into student and program data that inform strategic decisions. - Event Assistance: Support major annual events, embodying and promoting CAP’s culture and values through active participation and leadership. - Core Values Advocacy: Champion CAP’s mission and core values in all professional endeavors, inspiring a culture of creativity, inclusivity, and excellence across all programs.

Education and Experience

• Core Qualifications - At least two years of experience working in education leadership or related field. - Master’s degree in educational leadership, nonprofit management or related field. - Ability to manage processes, deadlines, and budgets while adhering to the policies and procedures of the organization. - Ability to be proactive and flexible, problem-solve and show initiative with all projects related to this position. - Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint) to produce high-quality reports, presentations, and other documents. - Must pass official Level 2 background screening as outlined by Florida state law. - Commitment to CAP’s vision, goals, and core values. - Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information. - Excellent verbal, listening, and written communication skills. - High attention to detail. - Proven ability to work effectively both independently and in a team-based environment. - Strong organizational and time management skills.

Salary/Salary Range

Perks & Benefits • Competitive Compensation: Start with a robust salary ranging from $60,000-$65,000 adjustable based on your experience. This position recognizes the value you bring to CAP and offers the opportunity for annual merit increases of up to 6% and performance bonuses up to 3%. • Healthcare Coverage: To ensure you and your health are well taken care of, CAP will cover 75% of the premiums in your selected plan for individual medical, dental and vision insurance options. • Retirement Planning: Invest in your future with CAP’s 403(b) retirement savings plan. It’s never too early or too late to start planning for retirement. • Generous Time Off: Recharge and rejuvenate with 21 days of paid time off, plus 21-24 paid holidays throughout the year. CAP’s flexible, family-friendly schedule allows you to balance your professional and personal life effectively. • Commuter Benefits: Enjoy paid parking in a central downtown location, making your commute easier. Additionally, receive reimbursement for work-related mileage incurred, supporting your travel needs related to program supervision, support and community engagement. • Professional and Personal Growth: After one year with CAP, you’ll gain access to additional tenured benefits, including opportunities for professional development to further enhance your skills and career. Personal wellness credits are also offered to support your overall well-being. • Family First: Following a year of employment, take advantage of CAP’s paid parental leave, allowing you to focus on your family’s significant life moments.

How to Apply

If you are driven by the challenge of shaping innovative and impactful arts education programs specifically for charter schools, and if you thrive in roles that demand strategic leadership and deep community engagement, then we invite you to apply. This position is more than just a job—it represents a unique opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of students who benefit from tailored educational experiences. Join us in advancing arts integration and educational excellence, creating environments where every student has the opportunity to succeed and thrive! Submit in confidence to a résumé and personal statement of 1,500 words or less explaining a) your personal or educational philosophy statement, b) where you currently are in your career and long-term goals, and c) what unique skills or perspective you will bring to CAP, its students and the Jacksonville community.


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