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Posted Jun 26, 2024 Jacksonville, Florida

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Expires Jul 15, 2024


Why You Will Love This Role
Are you ready to transform education through the arts and make a lasting impact on the lives of young learners? As a full-time Music Teaching Artist Fellow, you’ll have the power to profoundly impact young lives by igniting their passion for music. Through your artistry and mentorship, you’ll guide students on an inspirational journey, unlocking their creative potential and instilling a lifelong love for musical expression.

In 2017, CAP embarked on a visionary journey as its board, staff, and key stakeholders convened to forge a bold new path forward, introducing a groundbreaking fellowship model that broadens CAP’s reach and strengthens the arts sector. This exciting initiative is not a typical fellowship—it’s a permanent position ensuring long-term impact and lasting career growth opportunities for those passionate about driving change through the arts.

The position has an anticipated start date of no later than July 15, 2024.

Essential duties and responsibilities

Your Impact • Engage and Inspire: Directly impact the lives of students across multiple schools and community sites by providing 18-20 hours of weekly instruction in music. Embrace CAP’s core value to sing out loud by encouraging students to find their unique voices through vocal and instrumental expression. • Create and Collaborate: Utilize your artistic skills to develop innovative and engaging projects that meet educational standards and embody CAP’s core value to color outside the lines, ensuring your work not only educates, but also inspires and transforms lives. • Lead with Excellence: Orchestrate enriching educational experiences ranging from classroom projects to exciting field trips, guest artist sessions, and community engagement activities. By championing CAP’s core value to inspire every child’s creative spirit, you will ensure every endeavor not only meets but exceeds expectations, setting a new benchmark for excellence in music education. • Cultivate Creativity and Joy: Foster an environment where joy and creativity flourish. Encourage students and colleagues alike to maintain vibrant and continuous musical exploration, truly embodying CAP’s core value to maintain your creative spark. What You Will Bring • A Passion for Artistic and Educational Excellence: With a strong background in music and experience in music education, you are ideally equipped to merge these realms to cultivate high standards of artistic learning and creativity. • Creativity and Collaborative Spirit: As a creative problem-solver, you excel in innovating and adapting to foster a supportive community among students, educators and parents. Your strong collaborative spirit enables you to work effectively alongside educational and community members, enhancing the learning environment and maximizing impact through shared efforts and mutual support. • Dynamic Educational Approach: Your innovative teaching methods integrate music into educational curricula, enhancing student engagement and achievement. Your approach helps students connect with musical concepts and performance in meaningful ways, promoting both musical skills and broader educational goals. • Leadership in Music Education: You have a proven track record of leading music-based projects that inspire students and educators alike. Your leadership skills are evident in your ability to manage projects, inspire innovation, and maintain high educational standards. • Resilience and Adaptability: You are adept at navigating the challenges that come with integrating music into diverse learning settings. Your resilience helps you adapt lesson plans to meet the needs of various student populations and deliver high-quality educational experiences under varying conditions. • Commitment to Inclusivity: With a dedication to creating inclusive and safe learning environments, you ensure every child feels valued and empowered to express their musical talents. Your teaching celebrates diverse perspectives and encourages students to respect and learn from each other's differences, fostering a rich, culturally aware artistic community.


A Day in the Life • Morning Engagement: Start your day energized as you prepare and deliver interactive music lessons that seamlessly integrate musical concepts with other academic subjects, making the content engaging and accessible. Focus on developing lesson plans that blend music with academic curriculum goals, ensuring that each session enhances both artistic expression and educational outcomes. • Active Collaboration: Spend midday hours engaging with classroom teachers, CAP peers, and local music community members to integrate music into the broader curriculum. This collaboration might involve planning upcoming units, discussing student progress, and adapting strategies to meet diverse learning needs. Also, focus on strengthening relationships with cultural partners to enhance CAP's presence and impact within the music community. • Afternoon Creativity: Lead music sessions for school projects, curating enriching opportunities for performances and showcasing student talents. Provide students with valuable opportunities to create and present their musical abilities, fostering an environment where they can gain confidence and appreciation for their artistic expressions. • Community Connection: Occasionally participate in workshops or community music events, which strengthen the bond between CAP and the wider community. These activities highlight the role music plays in fostering community engagement and cultural appreciation. • Reflection and Planning: Wrap up your day by using data to reflect on the successes and learning opportunities of the day. Plan for future lessons considering how best to address student needs and make the most of the educational experience the next day.

Education and Experience

• Educational Background: A bachelor's degree in music, music education, or a closely related field is required for this position, with a strong preference for candidates holding a graduate degree in music. Ideal candidates will have an educational background that prepares them for profound engagement with music and pedagogy. • Professional Experience: You have a demonstrated history of working in music education, with a specific focus on educating young students. Experience in elementary education is preferred, as this role requires a deep understanding of how to integrate music into core curriculum areas, enhancing both musical development and general educational outcomes.

Salary/Salary Range

Perks & Benefits • Competitive Compensation: Start with a robust salary of $60,000, adjustable based on your experience. This position recognizes the value you bring to CAP and offers the opportunity for annual merit increases of up to 6% and performance bonuses up to 3%. • Healthcare Coverage: To ensure you and your health are well taken care of, CAP will cover 75% of the premiums in your selected plan for individual medical, dental and vision insurance options. • Retirement Planning: Invest in your future with CAP’s 403(b) retirement savings plan. It’s never too early or too late to start planning for retirement. • Generous Time Off: Recharge and rejuvenate with 21 days of paid time off, plus 21-24 paid holidays throughout the year. CAP’s flexible, family-friendly schedule allows you to balance your professional and personal life effectively. • Commuter Benefits: Enjoy paid parking in a central downtown location, making your commute easier. Additionally, receive reimbursement or stipend for work-related mileage incurred, supporting your travel needs related to program delivery and community engagement. • Professional and Personal Growth: After one year with CAP, you’ll gain access to additional tenured benefits, including opportunities for professional development to further enhance your skills and career. Personal wellness credits are also offered to support your overall well-being. • Family First: Following a year of employment, take advantage of CAP’s paid parental leave, allowing you to focus on your family’s significant life moments.

How to Apply

Are You Ready? If you are passionate about making a significant difference through the integration of arts and education and thrive in a role where community and creativity intersect, we invite you to apply. This is more than a job—it’s a chance to be part of something bigger. Join us in shaping the future of arts education! Submit in confidence to a résumé and personal statement of 1,500 words or less explaining a) your personal, artist or educational philosophy statement, b) where you currently are in your career and long-term goals, and c) what unique skills or perspective you will bring to CAP, its students and the Jacksonville community.


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