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Posted Sep 20, 2022 Jacksonville, Florida

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The Victim Service Coordinator/Open Doors Program Manager supports the Open Doors Team, consisting of Survivor-Mentor(s), Regional Advocate(s), and Clinician(s). The purpose of the Victim Service Coordinator is to support the coordination, safety, collaboration, and communication amongst the Open Doors Outreach Teams, the victims/survivors that they serve, and the local community. They also conduct quality assurance, administrative duties, and other activities to ensure victims/survivors receive customized service to meet their individual needs and the DBWPC meets federal, state, and local requirements set by the grant and other regulatory agencies. Additionally, the Victim Service Coordinator ensures the overall wellbeing and safety of the other members of the Open Doors Team.

Essential duties and responsibilities

Ensures the Open Doors Team is adhering to ethical and professional standards that are in the best interest of the victims/survivors being served • Ensures wellness plans and treatment plans are maintained and appropriate for victims/survivors served by the Open Doors Team • Provides and oversees the training and support of newly hired Open Doors Team members, specifically emphasizing trauma competencies and safety • Monitors care loads for the Open Doors Team and prioritizes needs of staff and victims, focusing on adequate time and care to be provided to all individuals served to meet both immediate and ongoing needs of victims • Serve as point of contact with Voices for Florida, Managing Entity for the statewide Open Doors Outreach Network • Provide direct supervision for Open Doors Team members • Ensures Team meetings are occurring at least weekly and ensure they are in alignment with the staff and agency’s needs to best serve the victims/survivors • Oversee scheduling of staffing for the 24-hour Open Doors access line • Provide support to team members who staff the Open Doors 24-Hour access line • Continuously review the needs of survivors, families, community partners, and the community to ensure the program addresses the identified needs • Compliance and Quality Assurance for all programming services and documentation to meet all regulatory, contract, and funding requirements. • Serve as point of contact for internal inquiries from research, administration, etc. regarding Open Doors • Participate in DBWPC and Programming Team staff meetings and Open Doors decision-making processes Updated: 9/2021 • Ensure the team is identifying trends within the Anti-trafficking movement, services, needs, gaps, etc., and Inform research and strategic advocacy agendas by elevating victim’s/survivor’s voices and stories to DBWPC leadership • Collaborate to establish program programs and services to meet the individual needs of girls, families, and communities • Ensure that the Open Doors team is able to provide expert guidance and training on regional resources to DBWPC staff, individuals receiving services, and community partners • Oversee collaboration with regional stakeholders to develop a coordinated, immediate, and appropriate response to meet the needs of victims/survivors of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) and sex trafficking • Oversee the coordination and provide training for direct service providers throughout the regions on best practices in responding to the unique needs of victims/survivors of sex trafficking • Oversee the coordination and provide training to regional stakeholders on identifying victims/survivors of sex trafficking and making appropriate service referrals • Work as part of a team to develop purposeful connections with individuals receiving services and their families/caregivers • Travel throughout Duval, Clay, Baker, Nassau, St. John’s, Flagler, Putnam, and Volusia Counties to provide services and/or connect with stakeholders in homes, schools, detention facilities, community agencies, and other locations as needed • Advocate for victims/survivors’ needs alongside and/or on behalf of victims/survivors and their families in courts, schools, and other systems • Provide compassionate access to victims/survivors and families in times of crisis • Document interventions as required by internal policies & procedures to comply with HIPAA and contractual demands and to meet research needs • Conduct bi-monthly quality assurance checks on client data on Service Provider Logs and electronic medical records. • Ensure invoicing data on service provider logs is acceptable for submission. • Ensure each team member has a Voices timesheet that matches their Service Provider Log. • Ensure that any corrections identified prior to or after invoice submission are completed within the dedicated timeframe. • Ensure the Expanded Data Collection sheet is completed and submitted monthly. • Ensure any mileage, victim transportation, and/or special needs submission forms are submitted, approved, and processed prior to invoicing to be included within invoice submission. • Invoicing deadline is the 5th of each month. • In collaboration with the Finance & Compliance Analyst, conduct Quarterly Data Analysis


Organizational: • Understanding of Girl-Centered Principles – Understands girl-centered principles and is willing to grow in the knowledge of these principles • Growth-Mindset – Receptive to feedback, willing to learn, embraces the reflective practice • Solution-Oriented – Brings possible solutions when presenting obstacles or challenges to the supervisor • Collaborative – Seeks input and buy-in from girls, colleagues, and external partners, as appropriate • Team Oriented- experience in creating cohesive, efficient, goal-focused teams Individual: • Ability to provide staff supervision from a mental health perspective • Knowledge of the impact and dynamics of sexual exploitation on youth • Knowledge of Florida Safe Harbor laws • Knowledge of resources available to victims/survivors in Duval, Clay, Nassau, St. Johns, Baker, Putnam, Flagler, and Volusia counties; or demonstrated ability to develop resource networks • Demonstrated ability to document interventions appropriately and on deadline • Experience navigating the juvenile justice and child welfare systems • Experience in emergency response and crisis management

Education and Experience

• 5 to 7 years related experience with victims who have experienced complex trauma including sexual abuse and/or sexual exploitation. • Master’s Degree in Social Work or related field • Valid Florida License in Mental Health Counseling, Social Work, or related field

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