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Posted Sep 14, 2021 Jacksonville, Florida

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DLC Nurse & Learn is an inclusion child care center for children of all abilities with classrooms for infants – 5-year olds, including VPK for 4-year olds. We also have after school programs for children up to 22 years of age. The DLC Speech Therapist provides, under the general supervision director, Speech Therapist works to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in children and adults.

Essential duties and responsibilities

Essential duties and responsibilities: 1. Administer and document Monolingual and Bilingual evaluations. 2. Provide direct therapy and treatment services to individual students and groups in the classroom and clinical setting using tried and tested therapies in combination with new, innovative techniques to provide the best care and adjust treatment plans as needed. 3. Maintains timely and accurate patient records, and reports and provide them to the Finance/HR Director for Insurance, Operations Manager, Commercial Insurance carrier, and Medicaid carriers, as needed. 4. Create goals and objectives for children to work toward and identify areas of progress and challenges 5. Communicate with parents/guardians of child speech therapy goals and treatment strategies. Engage time with child and parents to establish a relationship by understanding the parents’ concerns. Techniques and activities, they can work with at home and produce handouts if possible. Build a relationship with families. 6. Works closely with teachers by providing speech therapy recommendations for students. Designs home programs and instructs patients or families in carry programs. 7. Keeps abreast of research and new techniques. Attends appropriate professional and educational meetings. 8. Performs other essential duties as deemed necessary by the Executive Director the organization to thrive.


Qualifications: - Uphold HIPPA regulations. - Must be able to lift at least 40 pounds, climb stairs and navigate through the building and classrooms; as well as travel between facilities to care for children at all locations. - Preferred successful completion of DCF background screening and 45 hours of DCF required training and testing for child care employees. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required: • Knowledge of pediatric speech therapy clinical work. • Demonstrated knowledge of state and federal regulations. • Proven history of good judgment, integrity and consideration to others. • High level of commitment to compassionate customer service¬¬. • Ability to understand and follow specific instructions and procedures. • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. • Ability to provide an empathic, supportive and caring environment for children.

Education and Experience

- Master’s degree or higher in speech language pathology. - Licensed and insured in the State of Florida with Medicaid number and NPI number. - Experience with a variety of disabilities including mild to severe delay physical impairment, autism and those with feeding disorders. - Certificate in Adult CPR and Infant/Child CPR & Basic First Aid. Please keep in mind that the above job description is meant to be a guideline and does not list in detail all of the job responsibilities of the Speech Therapist. Additional duties of the Speech Therapist position may be covered in orientation and during the “hands-on” portion of the position training. Submit resume to Heather.Corey@DLCNL.org

Salary/Salary Range

$40-$45 an hour


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