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Posted Nov 21, 2022 Jacksonville, Florida

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Expires Jan 31, 2023


JOB SUMMARY: The van driver transports Family Promise families to and from each hosting congregation throughout Duval and St. John’s County. Van driver will be responsible for vehicle safety, assisting with transporting personal belongings of families, and other related duties. Work closely with other staff and congregation members to coordinate transportation needs of program.

Essential duties and responsibilities

Transportation of Network Families On a rotating schedule to be approved by the Family Support Manager, transport families from the Day Center in Jacksonville to the weekly host congregation each evening by 5:30 PM. Pick up families each morning by 5:30 am (Monday-Friday). Avoid traffic and take the route that will take the shortest amount of time. Notify the Family Support Manager of any delays in transporting the families. Transport families from the Day Center to the next host congregation on Sunday afternoon at 1:30 pm. Assist families with moving personal belongings. Provide transportation for other activities as approved by Family Support Manager. Maintain a log of hours worked. Submit bi-weekly time sheets by Monday morning before the Pay Date. Transportation Supervision Documentation of any van rule violations Insure that seatbelts are used and that children are properly secured in child seats. DO NOT MOVE THE VAN UNTIL EVERYONE IS PROPERLY SECURED IN THEIR SEATS. Van Maintenance Report all mechanical problems to the Executive Director. Insure that the interior of the van is left clean and tidy for the next driver and set of passengers. Nothing should be stored in the van. Take the van to be professionally cleaned as needed, with prior approval of the Executive Director. Take van in for maintenance, routine diagnostic checks, oil changes, etc. Other Treat all clients with dignity and respect. Must adhere to Family Promise confidentiality policy. Responsible for making periodic trips, or running errands during the day as needed Submit written report to the Family Support Manager, regarding any issues, complaints or concerns involving families.


Must have valid Florida driver’s license. Must be able to lift at least 25 lbs. Must not have any outstanding tickets or motor vehicle violations Must be reliable and dependable Must have sound judgment

Education and Experience

High School diploma

Salary/Salary Range



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