Hubbard House, Inc. – Thrift Store Assistant Manager

Posted Nov 22, 2021 Jacksonville, Florida


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Expires Dec 31, 2021


The Assistant Manager will be responsible for moving quota of goods from the warehouse to the sales floor, assisting the driver with operating the Hubbard House Thrift Store truck and perform as backup when driver is out; picking up donations as scheduled. Walking, standing, moving and lifting furniture will be routine. Assistant Manager will help Manager with paperwork as directed.

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All duties and requirements are essential job functions. All requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities.

Essential duties and responsibilities

1. Responsible for merchandising material within Hubbard House policies to achieve established sales goals. 2. Cash Register: Supervise operations and closeout, make daily bank deposits, relieve cashiers during breaks. Ensure the best possible customer service. 3. Fulfill floor stock requirements and ensure quality control of merchandise. 4. Perform as backup driver for donation pickups when driver is out which includes operating truck in a safe, responsible manner; loading/unloading donations in a safe manner. 5. Assist the Manager with compliance and adherence to all Hubbard House policies and procedures. 6. Supervise activities and production of warehouse employees, volunteers and community service workers. 7. Refer exceptional personnel and operations matters to Manager. 8. Ensure compliance of safety regulations within Agency policies. 9. Recommend improvements to store operations. 10. Assume managerial tasks in absence of Manager. 11. Assist the Manager with paperwork. 12. Other duties as assigned by the Manager.


Position requires time management, organizing, planning and controlling to assist Manager in achieving sales goals and maintaining good standing in the city. Effective conflict resolution skills necessary for dealing with staff, volunteers and community service workers. Individual must be able to lift at least 80 pounds. A valid driver’s license and dependable transportation required. Vehicle insurance must be maintained. Must meet eligibility requirements for Hubbard House, Inc. vehicle insurance coverage.

Education and Experience

Position requires High School Diploma or GED. Associate or bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing or related field is preferred. Experience in retail supervision preferred.

Salary/Salary Range

From $14 / Hour


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