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Posted Sep 14, 2021 Jacksonville, Florida


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The Trauma Informed Project Coordinator is responsible for designing and implementing the Hubbard House Trauma Informed Pilot Project. Position requires some local and occasional out of town travel. Must be flexible in working hours which may include evenings and weekends to respond to various schedules of project stakeholders. Advanced Microsoft Office skills as well as data entry required. A valid driver’s license and dependable transportation required. Vehicle insurance must be maintained. Must meet eligibility requirements for Hubbard House, Inc. vehicle insurance coverage.

Essential duties and responsibilities

1. Design and implement Hubbard House Trauma Informed Pilot Project a. Actively involve survivors, staff and other stakeholders in providing input into the total project process. b. Establish a project team to lead the effort throughout the project period. c. Convene project team on regular basis. d. Establish a formal method of communication about the project and its progress for all Hubbard House staff and volunteers to seek project readiness and secure buy-in. e. Design, modify, administer, and analyze specific data collection instruments/surveys to various project stakeholders. f. Design survivor focus group questions and process for analysis. g. Conduct survivor focus groups, collect information, and analyze all data. 2. Strategic Planning a. Coordinate and lead project team in the assessment and strategic planning process. b. Conduct a thorough review of Hubbard House’s current policies and practices to identify strengths in current procedures as well as policies and practices that may be enhanced to better reflect a trauma-informed approach to service delivery. c. Review, assess, and document existing empowerment-based, trauma-informed and culturally responsive service practices. d. Identify gaps in trauma-informed and culturally responsive services for survivors and propose solutions to close such gaps. e. Identify needs for internal capacity building at Hubbard House as well as with partners in the service area. f. Create strategic plan based on information/data gathered to enhance services throughout Hubbard House. g. Develop an implementation schedule for the strategic plan. h. Ensure implementation plan will include ongoing feedback from survivors and other stakeholders. 3. Create and sustain a community collaboration that will work toward coordination of accessible, culturally responsive, and trauma-informed services in Hubbard House service area(s). 4. Participate in all required project orientations, meetings, conference calls, webinars, web-based video calls, training, learning exchanges, and technical assistant visits. 5. Participate in training and presentations regarding trauma-informed services to Hubbard House staff, volunteers, survivors, partners, and the community at large. 6. Promote a culture of reflective practice, learning, and program innovation as it relates to trauma-informed services for survivors. 7. Reporting and Evaluation a. Establish a system for gathering in-depth quantitative and qualitative information and analysis for Hubbard House Trauma-Informed Services Pilot Project. b. Input all information into approved data management system. c. Perform evaluation of project and make recommendations regarding data analysis and best practices. d. Assists in the development, training, and maintenance of program logic models as applicable. e. Compile monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, yearly, and ad hoc reports as required by project and Hubbard House leadership. f. Develop and implement a system to disseminate information to all project stakeholders. g. Provide support for evaluation efforts in order to maintain a culture of data driven decision making. h. Ensure that all project deliverables are achieved. 8. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.


Position requires: • Knowledge about the dynamics of domestic violence and trauma-informed services • Energetic, independent, self-motivated, detail-oriented, analytical individual • Ability to manage self and prioritize work in order to meet deadlines and maximize work efforts • Organization and project management skills • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills • High proficiency in producing well written documents and excellent presentation skills • The ability to coordinate multiple priorities • A commitment to a team approach • Must be cooperative, diplomatic, relate well to all types of people, and able to work with culturally diverse groups

Education and Experience

Master’s degree in social work, mental health counseling, education, evaluation or related field preferred. Bachelor’s degree in any of the fields named above considered with applicable experience. Minimum of two years’ successful experience in non-profit sector. Three years’ experience related to the dynamics of domestic violence, trauma-informed services, and project management preferred.

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