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Posted Jan 13, 2022 Jacksonville, Florida

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The Regional Director of Staffing will be charged with leading recruitment and hiring for a portion of this large region. Their role is to ensure there is an excellent teacher in every classroom and an excellent leadership team leading every school and that they have strong support & regional staff members helping them achieve their all-important work.

The Regional Director of Staffing will work closely with the regional Executive Director, the Vice Presidents, regional leadership team, National Human Assets team and external partners to attract, engage, and select high quality leader, teacher, regional team, and campus support staff candidates for all openings. They are also skilled in supporting managers with the retention of their talent. The Regional Director of Staffing will have a a team of Talent Recruiters and Talent Partners over the next few years who will support schools with all of their talent needs.

The Regional Director is responsible for developing the regional recruitment strategy and managing the selection, hiring, and matriculation process for all campus & regional headquarter positions to ensure that our region has the talent IDEA requires in order to meet its yearly student achievement goals and, ultimately, 100% college matriculation. Regional Directors of Staffing serve as strategic partners to school and regional leaders around organizational health, retention, staffing, and other talent needs.

Essential duties and responsibilities

100% of all campus instructional and regional headquarters roles in the region are filled by the first day of the relevant work calendar. • Determine regional hiring projections and weekly benchmark goals to manage hiring throughout the year. • Schedule and plan early hiring events. • Communicate progress with senior district and regional leadership. • Evaluate the health of our grade level and content pools based on our projected hiring need and adjust course accordingly. • Engage in monthly check-ins with principals, regional and national leaders to review hiring progress. • Effectively screen candidates for regional headquarters, campus leadership, teaching and co-teaching positions through reviewing applications and video interviews, and conducting phone interviews. • Ensure candidates receive communication from IDEA within the appropriate timelines in order to provide the best candidate experience o Review applications and communicate within 7 days of application submission o Review and communicate with candidates who have submitted video screening by the established benchmark dates o Hiring managers schedule final interviews within 5 days of receiving a candidate o Candidates hear back from IDEA within 5 business days from their final interview • Post all necessary requisitions in our Applicant Tracking System (ATS/Jobvite) • Conduct annual Hiring Manager Training • Train on the use of our ATS (Jobvite) • Support campus hiring managers in the hiring of Athletic Coordinators, Tutors and any other approved supplemental program positions that serve a campus (ex: 21st Century) • Hire, manage & coach staffing team members to oversee administrative & logistical work, freeing up the Director’s time to oversee more strategic work required to achieve goals 95% of campus instructional and regional headquarters roles are filled by 5/31/2022 • Partner with the regional staffing teams in other regions to identify prospects for transfers and promotions and manage these processes. • Effectively screen candidates to ensure that there are three strong candidates for every leader vacancy, and 2-3 strong candidates for every teacher and co-teacher vacancy. • Plan and facilitate regional super interview days. • Communicate consistently around vacancies and promotions to ensure a smooth hiring process for all positions. • Coach and develop principals to manage a strong hiring process that enables them to efficiently and effectively hire the right people to join their teams. • *Campus Instructional roles are: Teachers, Instructional Support, Academic Counselor, College Counselor, Director of College Counselor, Assistant Principal of Instruction, Assistant Principal of Operations, Social Workers, Principals, Principal in Residence plus any other instructional role that is approved. • *Regional Headquarters roles serve the region at the district level and can include but are not limited to: Regional Director of Operations, LSSP, SLP, Director of Advancement. Positions are based on district/budget approval and may differ from region to region. Attract Principal in Residence, Campus Leadership, Teacher, Headquarters applications to the IDEA Region • Manage and support the region’s Executive Recruiter to lead on the following: o Represent IDEA at career fairs and other events to attract large groups of talent to all positions at IDEA. o Leverage social media and other mechanisms for communication to attract and engage prospects. o Strategically engage in individual outreach to ensure that top prospects become applicants. o Lead recruitment events to cultivate the specific talent needed including coffee shop hours, meet and greets etc o Leverage Jobvite Engage to track and monitor prospects and ensure that they convert to applicants. o Identify top sources of talent and increase recruitment efforts within these pipelines. o Engage in at least 4 external events each month. o Hold at least 15 1:1 meetings each month with strong prospects. o Create and maintain a calendar of recruitment events. o Leverage other staffing team members as well as other stakeholders to attend events. Manage the Internal Referral campaign • Partner with regional team members and regional school leaders to identify people in their networks to cultivate for staff opportunities. • Develop incentives and rewards to encourage internal referrals. • Partner with teams in other regions to identify other pools for referrals. • Prioritize follow up with referrals to ensure that they convert to applicants and then to hires. 85% retention of all regional* and campus instructional staff *In-region team members and in-residency training in other regions (ie: Founding Teacher Fellows, Principal- In- Residence) • Collaborate with the Teacher Advancement team, Director of Leader Development, Executive Director and PIRs to ensure that programming meets the needs of Founding Teacher Fellows • Collaborate with Executive Director on strategies to engage the regional staff and build strong regional culture. • Conduct empathy interviews, pulse checks, and retention conversations (etc) to understand the needs and career plans of regional staff members and debrief with the Executive Director • Conduct exit interviews to determine reasons for departures • Consult with current and potential regional team members if/as requested to help with career planning • Provide support and resources to managers as needed to help them improve engagement of their direct reports Build relationships of trust and collaboration with clients (hiring managers), so that 100% report being satisfied or highly satisfied with the partnership • Initiate regular communication about the performance of hiring managers you support (as it relates to hiring & retaining talent) and about the health of the business partnership itself; seek and give honest two-way feedback. • Embrace the challenge of navigating complex business partnerships (sometimes encountering resistance), and seize this challenge as an opportunity to influence transformation at any and all levels of the organization • Help clients and other partners understand the connection between sometimes seemingly dichotomous priorities (e.g. national/regional, individual/collective, short term/long term, etc) Embodies the values of IDEA in action • Believes and is committed to our mission: that all students are capable of getting to and through college • Considers and prioritizes students in all relevant decisions • Is driven by outcomes and results, and wants to be held accountable for them • Has a propensity for action, willing to make mistakes by doing in order to learn and improve quickly • Thrives in a fast-paced environment.


• Education: Bachelor’s Degree preferably in Human Resources • Experience: Minimum of 3 years of talent acquisition or HR leadership experience • Must be willing to travel 1-2 times per month to other IDEA regions for team building, trainings, observations, etc. • Must be willing to work over 40 hours per week with some nights and weekends

Salary/Salary Range

Salaries for this role typically fall between $82,000 and $100,000 commensurate with relevant experience and qualifications.


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