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Posted Feb 22, 2023 Jacksonville, Florida


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Offering a unique opportunity, The Florida Ballet (TFB) is seeking to hire a new Executive Director starting in the 2023/2024 season. Celebrating 45 years, TFB is Northeast Florida’s only professional ballet company, housed in its own 30,000 sq ft facility, and is proud to serve the community through quality dance education, collaborative projects, and performances. To be in charge of this well-respected education and performance organization, the responsibilities of the ED will include overall management and development as TFB continues to grow within its home in Jacksonville, FL. and beyond.

Working closely with the Board and Artistic Director, the ED will be guiding the implementation of goals and strategies to ensure the artistic vitality and financial stability of the TFB.

Essential duties and responsibilities

Overview The Executive Director’s primary responsibility is to manage the Florida Ballet’s strategic direction, day-to-day activities, and its resources according to the goals and policies established by the Board of Directors. Specifically, the Executive Director is responsible for financial oversight, general operations and administration, human resource management, public relations and development. Essential Duties and Responsibilities • Provide practical oversight and direction for all areas of operation • Oversee the daily organizational operations, including the periodic review and implementation of systems to ensure the most effective and efficient operations • Formulate policy and planning recommendations for consideration by the Board • Ensure the proper structure and staffing levels of the organization as well as appropriate supervision, development and support of staff • Oversee financial matters and reporting requirements to ensure the protection of the organization’s non-profit status • Analyze and prepare short and long-term financial planning and budgets, including an annual budget to be approved by the Board. • Review and develop organizational plans, procedures, performance measurements, and controls. • Develop, oversee and ensure the accomplishment of goals developed in concert with the Board and aligned with the strategic direction of the organization • Oversee and effectively manage all operations, human resources, and physical resources, according to authorized personnel policies and procedures, and in accordance with current laws and regulations • Oversee and develop fund raising campaigns and events • Ensure that all matters related to development and fundraising are carried out in an effective and efficient manner, including the administration of fundraising records and documentation • Ensure that all fundraising, community activities, and other operations follow current laws and regulations regarding the organization’s non-profit status • Oversee all public relations activities and events. Establish of strong and current media relationships on behalf of the organization • Review and develop appropriate promotional materials for use with clients, donors, and the community • Develop and maintain relationships with key constituents including, but not limited to: parents, students and teachers, local media, board members and donors, community and arts partners • Assure that the organization and its mission, programs, products, and services are consistently presented with a strong, positive image Other Duties and Responsibilities • Communicate regularly with the Board and staff to ensure the Board is operating based on complete and up-to-date information • Attend all required Board Meetings and present updates to the Board • Coordinate with appropriate staff to ensure that all policies are implemented and carried out • Prudently manage the organization’s resources in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations • Generate all artist contracts; review and execute all agreements, including but not limited to venue and vendor contracts • Manage all artist documentation and materials, visas • Manage all insurance policies – medical, workers compensation, general liability, property • Facilitate building maintenance and repair • Manage all facility rentals and schedules • Oversee all grant preparation and reporting


The successful candidate will have at least five years of progressive senior management experience that includes solid financial management and expertise in building and strengthening strategic partnerships. Experience in arts administration, nonprofit management, business, or a related field is preferred. Active participation in the arts community, a track record of nonprofit fundraising success, and experience guiding strategic plan development and implementation are ideal. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, as well as public speaking experience, are expected.

Education and Experience

A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience is required

Salary/Salary Range


How to Apply

Interested candidates should send cover letter and CV to Keith Kessler, Application deadline is April 15, 2023.


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