Essentials: Organizational Culture

Type: Event Recording
Estimated learning time: 1.5 hours, plus time for reading and application
Stronger Nonprofits Framework Alignment: Organizational Learning and Impact Measurement
Who it's for: Individuals with many different roles within an organization, from executive director to front-line program staff.

It has been proven that a strong company culture improves employee productivity and job satisfaction. But how do you create a culture that accomplishes this and know that you are effective at doing so? This interactive session will share tips for how to build and evaluate a healthy culture.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of these Resources:

  • Block out time on your calendar to review these resources.
  • Try to use real-world examples that are directly related to the work of your organization.
  • Take breaks in between resources or whenever feels best to you.
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  • Feel free to jump to whichever piece is most useful to you using the table of contents below.

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Session agenda:

  • Definitions: What is organizational culture?
  • Culture in strong organizations: What the research says
  • Culture in the era of COVID-19
  • Practice pointers and resources
  • Discussion and Q&A

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