Membership FAQ

Joining as a Member!

Your membership will not be activated until payment is received. Please ensure that you were completing the Membership Application and not just creating an account. You will need your account to access benefits later on, but to get started you first need to register on behalf of your organization. If you have any trouble with this, please contact Rebecca at

Account Support

It’s important to log into your account so that you can keep the account information up to date and have full access to member benefits! For example you must be signed into a member account in order to register for members-only events, get member pricing for events, access the Lawrence DuBow Online Learning Lab, and submit a job/board posting.

Accessing Online Member Benefits

You can add them as affiliates for FREE! Any staff, board members, or key volunteer can (and should) be added under your organization’s membership at no extra cost. To add them, you will need to log into the organization’s account, then go to “Manage Membership” on the left-hand side menu. On the Membership page, you have the option to “Manage Submembers” where you can add new company contacts and affiliates or pick from your existing contacts.

If you need to remove someone from your organization's membership, you follow the same steps until on the Membership page you will instead click on the blue portion under “Active Membership” (so it should say the membership price and budget level). Then you will see all of the membership information and, if you scroll down a little, you should see active submembers and there is the option to the right of each name to “End sub-membership”

If you have any trouble with this, please email


Please make sure you are signing into your organization’s account, and not your individual one. When you log in, it should have your organization’s name on the top right corner of the blue menu bar and show a picture of a building (or your logo, if you’ve added one), if it says your name and shows a person, you are in the wrong account. If you need to reset your account’s password, use this link and put in the email address associated with the account. If you have any trouble with this, please contact Rebecca at