Nonprofit Organizations

Join the Nonprofit Center

Becoming a Nonprofit Center member opens a door to benefits and resources that strengthen your organization and builds its capacity to deliver on its mission and signals a commitment to building a thriving sector, collaboration, and the Northeast Florida region.

The Nonprofit Center serves all 501(c)3 organizations located in Northeast Florida. As a member of the Nonprofit Center, your organization’s staff, board and key volunteers have access to all member benefits.

Annual dues are based on the operating budget of the organization.


$0 - $49,999 $100
$50K - $199,999 $150
$200K - $499,999 $300
$500K - $999,999 $450
$1 mill - $2,999,999 $600
$3 mill - $4,999,999 $900
$5 mill + $1,500

Need more details before joining? Please email Rebecca Milligan, Membership Outreach and Program Manager, or call  904-425-1831.

Our nonprofit members are making a difference across all sub-sectors of charitable work. To see a list of our distinguished members, please view our Membership Directory.