Community Event – Disrupting the Norm: The Unconventional Neurodiversity Conference

May 30, 2024 8:30AM—4:30PM


The Shultz Center: 4019 Boulevard Center Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32207

Event Contact Hope Haven | Email


A day of inspiration for bold thinkers who are ready to question, innovate, and break free from convention.
“Disrupting the Norm” is not just a conference; it’s a platform for bold ideas, innovative strategies, and transformative approaches to service delivery for neurodivergent individuals.

Keynote Speakers Chris and Nik Nikic will share their vision of massive change through the 1% better strategy.

Speaker Lineup:

Dr. Ami Klin will share cutting edge technology used to support the autism diagnosis process and inform intervention strategies in children as young as 16 months of age. (1.5 CEU)

Dr. Carrie Straub will introduce groundbreaking approaches in leveraging avatar-based interactions to teach and enhance interpersonal skills among neurodivergent persons. (1.5 CEU)

Luisa Reis and Melanie Hammer are looking forward to engaging participants in a hands on arts integration approach to enhance service delivery. (1.5 CEU)

Rachel Ludwig and Klye Baltuch will explore the current challenges neurodivergent student face in transitioning to employment and strategies to empower them for successful careers. (1.0 CEU)

Al Emerick and Jason Eichenholz are bringing the open source concepts of software design to social enterprise and a new model of self-sustaining communities for persons with autism. (1.5 CEU)

Dr. Eric Tridas will do a deep dive into the assessment process of children with reading problems, and the subsequent interventions to address these challenges. (3.0 CEU)

Stella Johnson will host a thought leadership discussion to explore the idea that nonprofits could do more by doing less, and getting out of the business of service delivery altogether. (1.5 CEU)

Dr. Varun Choudhary will share how virtual reality and digital therapeutics are promoting skill acquistion in persons with autism, and how these tools can be incorporated in practices that require third party reimbursement. (1.0 CEU)

Tim Armstrong and Courtney Ledwick will help participants learn how to incorporate horticulture therapy and build a more inclusive environment for neurodivergent individuals. (1.0 CEU)

Complimentary CEUs available for Psychologists, LMHCs, and LCSWs