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We are always looking for talented speakers, consultants, and nonprofit authorities and experts to facilitate trainings, workshops, and other special events. If you have a specific topic that you feel would be beneficial for nonprofits in Northeast Florida to hear, please reach out. You can contact Callan Brown at

RFP for CRM/Member Database

The Nonprofit Center currently uses a custom built, membership database application. Though the database was purpose built for the needs of the Nonprofit center, there has been a significant amount of growth in the sector and in the role of the Nonprofit Center as a community resource and the database has reached capacity as far flexibility, integration and capacity given the number of programs, events and members managed by the Nonprofit Center. Customization to meet the changing needs of the organization is nearly impossible and staff have adapted by relying on external resources, such as Excel to effectively manage their workloads.  We are in the process of transitioning away from the database.

From a functional standpoint, the organization facilitates a number of initiatives, each with the goal of enhancing the strength of the nonprofit sector. The specific needs of these initiatives must be captured and integrated into a whole organization data strategy, supported by an adaptable, flexible and expandable data system. 

For a full description and timeline of needs, click here.

Please contact Deirdre Conner at for additional questions.

Current call for proposals

2018 Nonprofit Center Series

In 2018, the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida will be hosting a series of trainings focused on Management and Fundraising topics. The second half of 2018 (July – November) will focus on “Organizational Leadership” and the “Advanced Topics on Fundraising”. These series of trainings have been designed to strengthen management and development staff through a fast-paced set of sessions focused on people management, organizational leadership, and fundraising topics. 

To make these events a success, we are actively recruiting speakers who have expertise in management and/or fundraising fields and you are on our list as someone who could be a great fit! Each training will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Jessie Ball duPont Center in downtown Jacksonville, FL. The workshops we will be offering in the first half of the year are:

Organization Leadership --This series is designed to help participants become stronger leaders as they learn how to become more effective in their role and influential change agents for their organizations. The classes have been selected for those working in the sector in higher leadership positions, as well as professionals interested in developing their leadership skill set for future growth and opportunities. Please click on the training titles below to read a full description:


Advanced Topics on Fundraising --This series is designed for fundraising professionals who are ready to take a deeper dive into development. Participants who have a foundation in fundraising and are ready to strengthen their knowledge base are encouraged to attend. Please click on the training titles below to read a full description:

If you or a colleague is interested in facilitating one of these training, we invite you to find out more information and complete our Call for Proposals by clicking here. If you know of anyone that may be interested in any of these opportunities, please feel free to forward this web site or provide us with their information so we can reach out to them.

For any questions or for more information, please visit our website at or contact Callan Brown at 904-425-1831 or