Census 2020 Action Center

The Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida is proud to announce the launch of our Census 2020 Action Center. The Nonprofit Center is supporting charitable, tax-exempt organizations in Northeast Florida working to help persons and families the Census considers Hard to Count complete the Census. The Nonprofit Center’s efforts include:

  • Training for nonprofits on the 2020 Census conducted in partnership with the Florida Nonprofit Alliance
  • Disbursing grants to nonprofits to support their efforts to reach Hard to Count populations, including the following groups
    • Families with children under five
    • Immigrants and Refugees
    • LGBTQ+ individuals
    • Persons without ready and reliable internet access
    • Seniors
  • Hiring a Census 2020 Coordinator, Dr. Standralyn Terry

The Nonprofit Center believes that accurate census data are vital to the health and sustainability of our region as well as our local nonprofit sector. More than one third of Florida's General Revenue is made up of federal aid dollars and many nonprofits provide crucial services through these funding streams. Programs ranging from the Children's Health Insurance Program to the Community Development Block Grant have funding models that rely on the accuracy of census data.

Apply for a mini grant today!

Grant applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the funds are exhausted or April 30, 2020, whichever is first.

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Reach out to our Census Coordinator, Dr. Standralyn Terry, by completing the contact form below.

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