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Rena Coughlin

Chief Executive Officer

Contact Rena if you need: information and resources for advocacy or lobbying local, statewide and national officials on issues concerning the nonprofit sector; information about the Florida Nonprofit Alliance; recommendations for building alliances with people and organizations to advance your organization; and information on state of the nonprofit sector. Rena facilitates the CEO Confidential member convening group.

P: 904-425-8822

Kimberly Govan

SENIOR Director, Membership and community outreach 

Contact Kimberly if you need: information about Nonprofit Center membership, its benefits, and programming. Kimberly facilitates the Vision to Venue and Development convening groups.

P: 904-425-8757

Darien Reynolds

operations coordinator

Contact Darien if you need: technology questions answered, help with operations and information about Nonprofit Center membership. Jacob facilitates the Access Central convening group.


P: 904-425-1935

jacob Board

marketing director

Contact Jacob if you have questions regarding marketing or communications for your organization or if you would like to learn more about how to leverage the Local Focus. Lasting Impact.™ campaign. Jacob facilitates the Communications Convening group on the first Tuesday of every month.

P: 904-425-1183

Angela mcdermott

program director

Contact Angela if you need: information about Nonprofit Center trainings and workshops. 

P: 904-425-1185


JESSIE BALL duPONT Center Animator

Contact Issis if you need: information about the Jessie Ball duPont Center, event space, and scheduling. 

P: 904-366-9206

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