Local Focus. Lasting Impact. Awards


2017 Local Focus. Lasting Impact.™ Awards

The Nonprofit Center has celebrated innovation and collaboration in the sector since 2013 through the Local Focus. Lasting Impact.™, awards, sponsored by the Florida Blue Foundation.  This year, the Nonprofit Center will present two awards, Social Innovation and Collective Power.  Each award includes a grand prize of a short video produced by WJCT (estimated value of $7,000) and a $1,250 cash prize, generously provided by Florida Blue.

The Awards, developed as a result of the Moving Forward Together initiative, will be presented at a luncheon during the Nonprofit Works Conference on Thursday, June 22, 2017. Winners will be notified in advance and encouraged to bring their staff, Board members, and collaborative partners to the presentation.


Social Innovation Award 

This award honors a local trailblazing team that shook things up, challenged the status quo, and was the first to introduce a creative solution to an on-going issue or problem. The team’s sustainable solution has delivered results proving that it is more effectively, efficiently, or just in improving the lives of their program participants.

Click here to view and download the Social Innovation Award Application.

 Collective Power Award

This award honors an unstoppable collaborative team of local nonprofits, funders, government, business, and/or community leaders that has gone beyond serving a population and implemented systemic and sustainable improvements that solved big problems. This team achieved greater system-wide results than one organization could have realized on its own and, as a result, established a new standard of excellence.

Click here to view and download the Collective Power Award Application.

  • The applicants must be a Nonprofit Center member in good standing with IRS 501(c)(3) status
  • For a collaborative entry, the Applicant must be a participant and have agreement of their partners
  • Applicants must be based in and serve the local counties of Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau, and St. Johns
  • Applications may be made by Executive Directors, staff members, Board members and/or volunteers
  • Past Award winning programs are not eligible

2016 Winners

On June 28 at the Nonprofit Works 2016 - Managing High-Impact Organizations conference, the Nonprofit Center presented this year’s awards. This year's award winners will receive a film produced by WJCT to be aired on their show, Hometown, with host Daniel Austin.  Each winner may also use it freely throughout their communications. Thank you to WJCT and the Florida Blue Foundation for sponsoring the awards and luncheon this year.   

Thank you to the awards juror panel: Cheryl Barnett, Georgette Dumont, Paula Liang, Connie Smith, and Peter Racine.

Nonprofit Advocate Award Winner: SHERRY MAGILL, JESSIE BALL duPONT FUND

The Nonprofit Advocate award is new this year.  This award recognizes achievements by an individual or entity that fuels positive public awareness and champions the lasting impact of our local nonprofit organizations and the sector.   On December 18, 2012, Sherry Magill, President of the Jessie Ball duPont Fund stopped at a red light, and glanced to her left and saw the former public library building vacant and neglected.

 And in that instant, Sherry could see the future — a future with a wonderful, collaborative space for our local nonprofit organizations. That future is now our present, and it’s called the Jessie Ball duPont Center.  The building is now a hive of activity, with multiple and lasting impacts for the nonprofit community.  Sherry is a leader. She believes in, and advocates for, a strong  local nonprofit sector as a critical component for a dynamic community.  The duPont Center is only the most recent of Sherry’s many important and forward-thinking efforts that helped the nonprofit sector become more influential organized and collaborative.

Collective Power Winner: We Care Jacksonville for Beaches Health and Wellness Program

Many people living in the Beaches area are unable to afford medical insurance and use the hospital emergency room for their primary care. The objectives of this collective effort was to reduce emergency room use and hospital admissions by uninsured and low-income patients who use the ER for primary care, and re-route patients to one of the primary care clinics to serve as their primary medical home.

Patients in the program are assessed through a socio-economic lens giving them the best opportunities to regain their health, return work and become insured if possible. The collaboration provides the necessary resources with clear handoffs from one organization to another.

The program has a MOU which formalizes the collaboration with clear lines of roles and responsibilities. We Care Jacksonville and their partners tracked seven measurements of success both for the total program and the success of the individual partners based on this program. There are many long term positive changes for the community which included moving people from homelessness to shelters for treatment and into a long term program supporting their move from dependence to independence and financial security. To date 47%  have obtained health insurance after program intervention, transitioning them back to society’s mainstream.

We Care Jacksonville and their partners plan to continue enhancing their impact measurements and expand to new areas in Northeast Florida.


Social Innovation Winner: Family Foundations for 1,000 in 1,000

The 1,000 in 1,000 coalition developed a comprehensive strategy that is bold, specific and time bound — to move 1,000 people out of poverty every 1,000 days. The Leadership Council is comprised of leaders representing 21 organizations in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. It meets quarterly and makes decisions through consensus. The coalition cites its success to the Leadership Council’s commitment to making, and now keeping, their stated objectives.

By working together, the 1,000 in 1,000 team is identifying and changing the social services system of care and the very fabric in which our social services operate. This approach does not require that new bricks and mortar to be successful, it requires the agencies work in partnership rather than silos.

The new strategy recognizes that families can only succeed when they are surrounded by the necessary services, not by solving one issue at a time.  The implementation of this program identifies and cements collaborations where all work together with the knowledge that families must attain all Pivotal Assets to move from poverty to self-sufficiency.

The results have been evaluated by Ulrich Research. The present value of the lifetime of benefits from increased income and reduced social service costs is over $127,000 per family, yielding a $16.23 return for every dollar invested.

The team has used the Local Focus. Lasting Impact. campaign message in the core of their collective commitments. 1,000 in 1,000 is a Jacksonville initiative that will forever change how our community addresses poverty.


Contact Jacob Board at jboard@NonprofitCtr.org or 904-425-1182.