Community Coaching Program

Community Coaching Program

Nonprofits needing specialized assistance can take advantage of the Community Coaches Program. Coaching is a partnership between a nonprofit organization and a pro bono coach who, through facilitation, inquiry, and experience, helps the organization resolve a challenge.

Community Coaches are local professionals who volunteer to serve as a sounding board and provide resources recommendations for our members. Coaches guide rather than prescribe solutions.

Community Coaches is a free service for Nonprofit Center members.

Examples of Community Coaching are:

  • One-to-One Confidante Coaching for executive directors or board chairs
  • Assessing organizational readiness for strategic planning, fund development, and board development.
  • Facilitating discussions among board or staff to lend an outside and experienced perspective and resource recommendations.

Coaches are carefully matched with an organization based on the area of expertise required. Please email Kimberly Govan at or call 904-425-8757 to learn more.

Ways a Community Coach Can Assist You

  • Confidante - meet one-on-one with an executive officer, Board member or staff of a nonprofit organization.
  • Facilitation - facilitate a Board or staff meeting or retreat
  • Next Step Coaching - Opportunities for Next Step Coaching will be announced as they become available. When a specific training is offered to Nonprofit Center member, a Community Coach will be able to assist an organization in transferring the training into action steps.
  • Other - Looking for a different type of assistance?  Describe it in the application, and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Process, Requirements, and Commitment

  • The organization applying for a Community Coach must be a Nonprofit Center member.
  • Complete a Community Coaches Request
  • The Nonprofit Center will review the request and make every effort to match your organization with a volunteer coach.
  • Designate a point of contact.
  • The Community Coach, the organization, and the Nonprofit Center will clearly define the Coaching assignment.
  • Follow through with tasks and time commitments.
  • Complete a post-assignment evaluation.