Give & Go

Be part of a terrific fund-raising opportunity for your nonprofit. The Nonprofit Center, the Jacksonville Jaguars, The Jaguars Foundation, the DuBow Family Foundation, and are partnering to help nonprofits raise funds and the Jaguars sell tickets! It's called Give and Go.

One Jaguars ticket = up to $30 for your nonprofit!

"Give and Go" allows your nonprofit to offer the lowest priced Jaguar tickets in town. For every ticket that's sold through a "click on me" button on your homepage or an email that you send out, your organization will receive a $10 donation. If your organization has sold 25 tickets and has a project, your $10 donation will be matched dollar for dollar on, instantly doubling your return!

And even better, once your organization sells 125 tickets it will qualify for a $1,500 grant from the Jaguars Foundation to bring your total earnings to $3,750! This grant will be distributed to your organization at the end of football season. (Note: You must have a project to reach $3,750. If you do not have a project, you will qualify for a $1,000 grant instead.)

You don't have to stop at 125 tickets, either! You can keep selling, up to 325 tickets or as long as supplies last and make even more money - as much as $30 per ticket!

Organizations that have participated in the past are eligible to pre-register for the Give & Go program this year! You can click here for a full list of program details, instructions, and to register. 

If you have questions, please reach out to Darien Reynolds at or 904-425-1935.