Census 2020 for Nonprofits – Training, Support and Grant Funding Available!

The Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida announces a multi-pronged initiative to help boost 2020 Census participation by supporting nonprofits engaged in outreach. The Nonprofit Center received funding from the Lucy Gooding Charitable Foundation Trust and discretionary funds at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida for the 6-month project.

The Nonprofit Center is supporting charitable, tax-exempt organizations in Northeast Florida working to help persons and families the Census considers Hard-to-Count complete the Census. Since the 2020 Census is the first decennial census to be conducted online. Our efforts include a March 4th, 2020 training for nonprofits on the 2020 Census conducted by the Florida Nonprofit Alliance, and making small outreach grants available to nonprofits to support their efforts to reach Hard to Count populations, including families with children under five, seniors, LGBTQ+ individuals, and persons without ready and reliable internet access.

Grant applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the funds are exhausted or April 30, 2020, whichever is first.

The Census collects data every 10 years, decides civic representation, and allocates over a trillion dollars in federal funding. Hard-to-Count populations prove critical to a successful, complete count. Populations are considered hard-to-count for several reasons: they may be highly mobile, distrustful of government, require language assistance, or live in areas that are hard to enumerate. Nonprofit organizations are often directly connected to these populations through service delivery.

The Nonprofit Center has a more than 350-member network of nonprofit organizations, foundations, and businesses and has a mission to connect, strengthen and advocate for local nonprofits.

For more information about the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida’s Request for Proposals and Census 2020 resources, visit our Census 2020 Action Center. Questions about the RFP should be directed to Dr. Standralyn Terry, Census 2020 Coordinator, at (904) 520-2686.

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