Happy Valentine’s Day from the Nonprofit Center

A view of the crowd at the 2020 All-Member Gathering as seen from the second floor of the Jessie Ball Dupont Center

Dear Nonprofit Leaders,  February is usually a festive month at the Nonprofit Center as we host our annual All-Member Gathering. In the past (or in the Before Times as our staff is now fond of saying), this event brought together nonprofit staff and board members from across the sector for a time of gratitude, networking,…

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Nonprofit Advocacy Priorities for 2021

One word I keep coming back to in 2021 is gratitude. I am immensely grateful to the hundreds of nonprofit organizations across our region who continue to find ways to innovate and serve their constituents every day. According to our latest COVID-19 research, more than 70% of local nonprofits have remained fully operational and continued…

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