Equity Impact Report: May 2024


A Note From Nonprofit Center CEO, Dawn Lockhart

Like many of you, the Nonprofit Center has been on a transformative journey to become more inclusive, accessible, and equitable in everything we do. This journey has included deep dives into the bones of our organization, challenging us to face the results with honesty, humility, and thoughtful action. While we know there is no end destination to this work, we are emboldened by the growth this process has already nurtured.

We also know that transparency is a crucial component of this process, creating accountability for us and providing valuable insights from lessons learned for others. We invite you, our valued partners and members, to join us on this journey via our Equity Impact Report. This quarterly newsletter will highlight the approach the Nonprofit Center is taking in becoming a more equitable organization while featuring useful resources developed by us and others. All of the resources and events featured in these newsletters can be found on our Equity Resource Hub as well. Resources such as our facilitator FAQ guide, sample HR policies, and communication strategies will all be made available throughout the next year to help expand your equity tool belt. Our hope is that this space will demystify the process and provide opportunities for others to engage in this crucial work.

Thank you,

Nonprofit Center Events

Presenting the Beyond Boundaries Series: HR Strategies for Nonprofits!

It’s become more evident than ever that practices rooted in equity and inclusion help organizations meet their missions. By implementing innovative strategies that focus on empowering and supporting their human capital, organizations are better able to leverage and maximize their resources in effective and impactful ways. This five-session series will cover foundational components for developing and activating equity-based HR strategies. With practical application prioritized throughout, participants will be connected to resources that they can directly plug into their own work- regardless of where they are on their journey. For more information or to register for the series, click here.

Featured Resources

Nonprofit Center Facilitator & Program Partner FAQ Guide– As the Nonprofit Center deepens its commitment to modeling and supporting equitable practices and systems, we want to ensure our programs are developed with that same intentionality and care. As a result, we have developed a brief guide of resources and information for any partner seeking work with the Nonprofit Center. The Nonprofit Centers goal is for all program partners to uphold the standards outlined in this guide. To access the guide click here.

Nonprofit Center Program Accessibility Standard Guide- In order to help track how accessible our programming is we have developed an accessibility standard guide using audit results of Nonprofit Center programming processes and procedures as well as industry best practices. The standards selected are meant to remove potential barriers for participants to engage in our programming. To access the guide click here.

Featured Community Resource

AFP Florida First Coast Chapter – Diverse Connections: IDEA Inspired Conversations (event)– This event is FREE to attend and will feature networking opportunities, light refreshments, and a presentation led by 904WARD, a local organization dedicated to fostering racial healing and equity through meaningful conversations, building trust, and taking collective action. Additionally, participants will engage in the Race Cards activity, designed to facilitate honest discussions on race and IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access) concepts in an accessible manner for all. Expect an enlightening evening filled with connection and community! For more information, click here.

Nonprofit Quarterly: Racial Equity Backlash – The Response from Black Leaders & the Mandate for Action (webinar) – This webinar will bring together Black organizational and philanthropic leaders to highlight what Black leaders and funders are doing to persevere despite current challenges and offer recommendations on what the broader nonprofit and philanthropic sectors must do differently to support Black leaders and combat these growing challenges. For more information, click here.

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