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Posted May 17, 2024 Jacksonville, Florida


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The Survivor Mentor I serves as part of the program team to provide survivor-centered therapeutic services to victims of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) based on assessed needs in a victim centered manner. The Survivor Mentor I will also serve as one of the first responders and through their personal experience as a victim serves as a liaison to identified victims, providing immediate intervention and support once identified. Because of the shared lived experiences of the Survivor Mentor and the victim, this position is the critical link that optimizes the opportunity for the victim to establish a unique bond with a safe, caring person. Additionally, Survivor Mentors understand what the victim is experiencing and is in a position to help the team understand what the victim is experiencing and help position, guide and support them in the recovery process.

Essential duties and responsibilities

• Uses lived experience to quickly evaluate a victim’s situation, and provides and/or ensures support for immediate health and safety services such as crisis intervention; accompaniment to hospitals for medical examinations; the need for emergency clothing, housing, etc. • Uses established programs guidelines to assess victim needs • Develops in-depth knowledge of the services and benefits available to victims in the assigned region and how to verify victim’s eligibility for those services/benefits • Works with team using the victim needs assessment, the victim’s eligibility for services/benefits, and other aspects of the individual’s situation to assist in the development of a trauma informed, culturally-competent wellness plan that ensures both short term and longer term needs of the victim are addressed effectively • Provides day-to-day mobile care management services to victims and their families (if appropriate) and collaborates with the team to support ongoing needs of victims • Advocates for victims needs alongside and/or behalf of victims and their families in courts, schools and other systems • Assesses victim progress and helps to implement the wellness plan revisions as victim needs change or issues surface • Participates in team review of victim wellness plans, discusses changes with other members of the team to ensure that the needs of victims continue to be met • Assists with referrals and accompanies victim to appointments as needed • Assists with special services to help victims manage practical problems created by their victimization such as acting on behalf of the victim with other service providers, creditors, or employers; assisting in filing for compensation benefits; and helping with applications for public assistance • Works collaboratively with others members of the team to ensure that the needs of victims are met during crisis • Completes and submits contract required data collection methods and forms (mileage, victim transportation and victim needs form, SPL’s and special needs requirements) and any corrections needed, within the agency timelines, making them suitable for invoice submission per the Operations Mgr. and COO • Documents interventions as required by internal policies & procedures to comply with HIPAA, funding contract, courts and to meet research needs • Informs research and strategic advocacy agendas by elevating victim’s voices and stories to Policy Center leadership • Provides feedback through surveys, interviews, reports and other data collection mechanisms to help inform the agency leadership about service gaps and outcomes of service provisions in the Northeast Florida region • Participates in DBWPC and programming team staff meetings and decision-making processes • Provides 24-hour, on-site crisis response for calls to the 24-Hour access line • Fulfills other duties as assigned based on program and victim’s needs


Network: • Ability to assess trauma and recovery and identify the unique and individualized needs of a commercially exploited or sex trafficked victim • Ability to work with the team in a peer-to-peer environment while leading the development of a victim’s individualized Wellness Plan • Availability to work flexible hours and days and has ability to be on call 24/7 when scheduled. • Team player, flexible and nonjudgmental. • Committed to the experiences of vulnerable individuals and families. • Excellent communication skills. Organizational: • Growth-Mindset – Receptive to feedback, willing to learn, embraces reflective practice • Solution-Oriented – Brings possible solutions when presenting obstacles or challenges to supervisor • Collaborative – Seeks input and buy-in from girls, colleagues, and external partners, as appropriate Individual: • Knowledge of the impact and dynamics of sexual exploitation on youth • Knowledge of Florida Safe Harbor laws • Knowledge of resources available to victims/survivors in Duval, Clay and Nassau counties; or demonstrated ability to develop resource networks • Experience navigating the juvenile justice and child welfare systems • Experience in emergency response and crisis management

Education and Experience

Required Education and Experience • Survivor of complex trauma with a minimum 5 years of recovery • Experienced-based understanding of the common impacts of commercial sexual exploitation and sex trafficking on children and young adults

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