Succession Planning Assistance

Succession Planning Assistance

Succession Planning is critical to an organization's success. The Nonprofit Center is happy to partner with Clarity Transitions to offer Succession Planning Consulting and Succession Planning Toolkits, for either $75 or $100, depending on your needs.

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The 911 Toolkit ($75) covers the critical first month of an emergency transition, week-by-week.  Using many of the same tools in the Succession Planning Toolkit, the explanations and tools are shortened and re-focused for an unplanned, emergency leadership change.

The Succession Planning Toolkit ($100) covers leadership succession from initial pre-planning to on-boarding of the new CEO.  This 60 page toolkit covers the gamut of succession types from planned to emergency.  It’s full of tools and straight-forward explanations that will help you organize your thinking and planning.

The CEO Checklist ($10) is an integral part of our toolkits.  This very broad list will help you locate and organize key organizational information.