The Concerns Keeping Nonprofit Leaders Awake at Night

Repositioning For Strength Infographic describing the impact of nonprofits in Northeast Florida. 46% have experienced an increase in demand for services, 32% have lost revenue due to decreased demand for services, 9 in 10 have received some form of COVID-19 financial assistance, 21% had to cut hours or lay off staff, 2 in 3 lost revenue due to cancelled events, one third reported difficulty operating in a virtual environment, 2 in 5 nonprofit leaders say “staying solvent through 2021” keeps them up at night. A graph depicts predicted revenue change across organizations in 2020, with all organizations predicting a 15% revenue loss, orgs with budgets under 1 Million dollars predicting a 25% revenue loss, and orgs with budgets over 1 Million dollars predicting a 3% loss.

“I’m worried about my staff; I think we’re all tired and that COVID fatigue is setting in.” “I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to collaborate with other nonprofit leaders to create new ways to serve our communities and I want to know how we can keep it going.” “I wish more emergency funding sources…

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