Celebrating Community and Collaboration: Highlights from the 2024 All-Member Gathering

On Valentine’s Day, the Nonprofit Center hosted the 2024 All-Member Gathering which served as an opportunity for collaboration and connection for the nonprofit community.

The Nonprofit Center announced findings from the recent Member Survey—a comprehensive snapshot of the challenges and priorities of member organizations. With over 150 responses, the survey underscored the multifaceted nature of the nonprofit landscape, highlighting key focus areas for the local nonprofit sector such as revenue and fund development, staff recruitment and training, grant writing, and the need for networking opportunities and tailored support. You can read the aggregated survey results here.

A panel comprising of Nonprofit Center Members —Dr. Lucy Chen of Cathedral Arts Project, Carolyn Edwards of Clay County Habitat for Humanity, and Manisha Joshi of Leadership Jacksonville, moderated by Tammi McGriff of CSX and Nonprofit Center Board Member – shared personal anecdotes and insights about the impact their Nonprofit Center membership has had on their organizations. Each panelist echoed the sentiment that the Nonprofit Center serves as a catalyst for positive change by providing access to resources, training, and a supportive community.

Dr. Lucy Chen shared a recent experience at the National Endowment for the Arts where she was asked “How do organizations successfully execute collective impact projects?” and she stated, “Look at Jacksonville, they are the experts and know exactly how to do it.”

From community coalitions to shared services, the Nonprofit Center pledged to foster collaboration and innovation within the sector, amplifying impact and driving meaningful change in the local community focusing on these 6 key priority areas: Youth & Education, Health & Wellness, Prosperity & Opportunity, Housing & Neighborhoods, Vulnerable Populations, and Community & Civic Vibrancy.

With over 200 Nonprofit Center Members in attendance, there was a palpable energy to work together to achieve greater impact. The conversation does not end here, there will be more opportunities to engage with the work that the Nonprofit Center is doing. You can learn more through the website at nonprofitctr.org and be sure to read Nuggets – the monthly newsletter.

The Nonprofit Center believes in the good!

All Member Gathering was generously supported by The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship.

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