Community Event: Yoga 4 Change Virtual Workshop Series: Tune in & Tune Out – Cultivate pockets of peace in your day with Tatiana

Jun 09, 2022 2:00PM—3:30PM



Cost 32.00

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Join Yoga 4 Change teacher, Tatiana Bryan, for a 90-minute virtual workshop focused on how mindfulness is a tool you can use to recharge throughout your day. In this workshop you will learn a quick and accessible practice to address both your mind and body. Like learning any skill, mindfulness requires practice. Through chair yoga, breathwork, self-acupressure and journaling, this workshop can be incorporated into your daily routine to train your ‘mindful muscle’ and recharge your battery.

About Tatiana: Tatiana’s mission is to create a safe space for you to ‘tune-in’. She originally intended to become a Registered Yoga Teacher to incorporate yogic practices into her work as a mental health counselor. However, she realized that everyone could benefit from present moment awareness and mindful movement. As both a Counseling Intern and Registered Yoga Teacher, Tatiana is passionate about attending to the mind, body and spirit. The mind-body connection is a powerful tool that is accessible to you at any time. Whether through yoga, meditation, or emotional regulation skills, Tatiana can help you ‘tune in’ to both your mind and body. She aims to infuse her approach to yoga with her interests in mental health and holistic wellness. Stress and anxiety are unavoidable visitors, and Tatiana is a gentle guide for learning what to do when they show up at your door.

Sample Schedule:

Introduction and workshop overview (description, objectives, and learning outcomes)

Section 1: Introduce and practice breathing exercises


Section 2: Chair yoga postures

Section 3: Self-acupressure exercise

Section 4: Journaling