October 16 Slides and Resources

On October 16, 2020 the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida hosted a meeting featuring an expert in PPP loan forgiveness, State and Federal legislative issues, and community impact from COVID-19.  The presenters were from Fiscal Management Associates, Florida Nonprofit Alliance, and United Way of Northeast Florida; the valuable information they shared can be found in the attached slides and accessed on the recording.  

This recording contains:

  • A breakdownof PPP Forgiveness Applications by Chitra Aiyar of FMA (Financial Management Associates)
  • Clarification around recent federal and state policy issues from Sabeen Perwaiz of Florida Nonprofit Alliance
  • Information about the types of requests for assistance that have been coming in to 2-1-1 as well as forecasting of potential eviction issues that could arise if no further legislation or executive order prevents evictions from beginning on January 1, 2021, provided by  Jeff Winkler from United Way of Northeast Florida

View the recording here. View the slides here.

Resources Mentioned on the call:

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