Election Day 2020 – Nonprofit Advocacy

Today is election day across the United States, and millions of voters are casting their first votes, or continuing their personal tradition of political participation. From get out the vote text campaigns to ubiquitous political ads and content across virtually every media format, election news and information is everywhere. Nonprofits have a crucial role to play in this ecosystem too. 

From educating the public about your issue area to directly lobbying elected officials, advocacy is at the core of every nonprofit mission and the Nonprofit Center considers advocacy a crucial component of our Stronger Nonprofits Framework. To help you build your advocacy expertise, the Nonprofit Center is pleased to announce a new partnership with The Jessie: The Nonprofit Center Advocacy Series. Through The Nonprofit Center Advocacy Series, tenants of the Jessie Ball duPont Center and Members of The Nonprofit Center will be able to attend a free series of events designed to help the independent sector to celebrate, learn about and engage in advocacy and policy issues. The first event will take place in February 2021. 

Until then, weigh in on the policy issues that the pandemic has driven to the top of the nonprofit agenda by participating in the Nonprofit Working Group organized by the Nonprofit Center (contact Rena Coughlin to volunteer or to learn more) and make a point to explore some other terrific resources that can strengthen your organization through advocacy and awareness. 

Resources for Advocacy

  • The Florida Nonprofit Association is a valuable statewide advocacy resource, especially if your organization is funded by state dollars. 
  • The National Council of Nonprofits has several web resources related to the everyday advocacy that your organization can engage in, and provides guidance related to IRS restrictions that might impact your policy and advocacy agenda. 
  • Board members are another tool any nonprofit’s advocacy toolkit; Stand For Your Mission is an excellent resource from Board Source that highlights the unique ways in which board members can champion your cause in the community and with elected officials. 

Contact your elected officials

Beyond knowing how to engage in advocacy, it is important to know whom to contact. The First Coast State Legislative Delegation is listed here. The Duval County State Legislative Delegation is listed here. Additionally, the Duval County State Legislative Delegation maintains a liaison office in partnership with the City of Jacksonville. The annual organizing meeting for the Duval County State Legislative Delegation will be held on Monday, November 23 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. In order to be on the agenda, interested speakers must register by Monday, November 16 by contacting Lenae Voellmecke.

The Nonprofit Center believes so firmly in the power of advocacy that it’s in our mission statement.  We’re advocating for a stronger nonprofit community everyday; join us!

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