Thank You From the Nonprofit Center

Dear Nonprofit Center Constituent,

From everyone at the Nonprofit Center, Thank You. This year has presented many challenges for each of our organizations, and created acute difficulties for many of us as individuals. From systemic inequities exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, to the renewed energy and focus on racial justice in our communities, it feels like we have not had a moment to rest or reflect.

Despite these challenges, dedicated grassroots, faith, community, and other nonprofit organizations, together with our community of supporters and stakeholders, have accomplished so much that must be acknowledged. We offer thanks for these acts of hope, empathy and persistence that have helped Northeast Florida over the past 11 months.

  • Thank you for keeping students engaged with learning, listening, counseling and creative activities, and parents with guidance, technology and support
  • Thank you for providing healthcare and home care to those affected by COVID-19
  • Thank you for bringing yoga, mental, emotional and physical health services, and religious services to us, wherever we are
  • Thank you for creating inspiring and soul-soothing opportunities to engage in art, culture and travel even when we couldn’t leave our homes
  • Thank you for finding new ways to collaborate with partner organizations to meet basic human needs
  • Thank you for investing your time and resources in creating or refining the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices at your organizations
  • Thank you for creating innovative ways to provide food to those in need
  • Thank you for breaking down the stigmas around and providing support for individuals with diverse abilities, gender identities, immigration statuses, and many other identities and life experiences
  • Thank you for working to prevent evictions and foreclosures, and providing housing advocacy
  • Thank you for helping propel Northeast Florida to higher levels of Census participation than in 2010
  • Thank you for welcoming new, diverse board members and board fellows to your organizations
  • Thank you to the nonprofit board members who are leading with courage and strategic vision
  • Thank you to the foundations, funding collaboratives, and donors who reached out and responded with wisdom, flexibility and generosity
  • Thank you to the elected officials and government staff who coordinated and prioritized relief to nonprofits and community members
  • Thank you to the for-profit businesses who stepped up to provide supplies and new partnerships to nonprofits across the region
  • Thank you for sharing your experiences as nonprofit businesses navigating this crisis with your fellow organizations and with your constituents so we can all learn and adapt together
  • Thank you for investing thousands of hours of time as participants in our trainings and convenings in order to better meet the demands of the day

Above all, thank you for helping us make the case every day that the nonprofit sector is essential to creating stronger and more vibrant communities. We look forward to seeing you on Zoom sometime soon!

With gratitude,
The Nonprofit Center

The 2020 Nonprofit Center Team

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