The Nonprofit Center Stands Against Racism and Violence

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The Nonprofit Center wants to take a moment to honor the three community members, Angela Carr, Anolt Joseph “AJ” Laguerre Jr., and Jerrald Gallion, who were murdered Saturday; we condemn the violence, racism and white supremacist rhetoric that fueled this hateful act.

Organizations like yours are trusted and positive forces. In this time of outrage, grief, anger, and loss, nonprofits are trusted constants. We support and encourage you to support the many nonprofits working to aid families and neighborhoods directly affected by this racist violence, as well as those working to end the underlying causes of it.

As we navigate the aftermath of an event like this, the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida is committed to actively breaking down barriers that limit nonprofits’ access to resources that contribute to a fully inclusive community. Now is the time for all of us to reflect on our values and the contributions we can make to build a vibrant, inclusive Northeast Florida that actively works to dismantle racism at its core.

The Nonprofit Center is here for you, your team, your neighbors, and your families during this time. We encourage leaders to take the time to acknowledge the traumatic nature of this event and do what is necessary for the safety and wellbeing of your team. We have released our Supporting The Health and Wellbeing of Your Team module to be accessible to the public; we hope you’ll share the link with your organization’s staff and volunteers. In the coming days, we will share additional resources to support your organizations and your team members during this time — please reach out with questions, needs, or concerns.


Rena and the entire Nonprofit Center team

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